Friday, September 27, 2013

what's in dotty's bag

september outfit
i haven't done one of these in awhile and two new purses in the last month has led to some nicely clean space at the bottom of my bags!

september outfit
[carrying] left to right-ish
phillip lim for target medium satchel with a vintage scarf
an almond&coconut kind bar.  these taste like samoa girl scout cookies, but are socially acceptable to eat as breakfast.
a simply balanced pomegranate fruit strip from target.  mmm...snacks.
marc by marc jacobs wallet.  i posted about this a few weeks ago as part of my fall wishlist because i finally bit the bullet and bought the perfect wallet instead of picking up a random one at target because my previous one from target started to fall apart.
sunnies case with my raybans inside.
a silly bracelet that i can't actually do any work whilst wearing.
headphones.  since i've decided to blatantly ignore the company policy against headphones.  i sit next to a loudtalker and do some very tedious work, so it's gotta happen.  also, they play light rock on the radio all day long.  and it's the same light rock songs every single day just in a random order.
aluminum business card case from muji.
leopard loafers in a shoe bag.
kleenex, lip goo, oil-absorbing sheets.
polka dot umbrellie.

have a good weekend!  i am pretty excited about friday finally showing up this week.  it's been a doozy.

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