Thursday, May 31, 2012

post-memorial day, white, and remixing

[previously on] white theory jacket
white blazer, theory jacket, lapels, ways to wear, outfit ideas, idearrrz

[previously on] white club monaco pencil skirt
white pencil skirt, one piece three ways, remixes, ootd, how to wear, white skirt

[previously on] white j.crew strapless beach dress
white dress, beach dress, j.crew white, embossed cotton dress, how to wear, j to the crew, dear jenna lyons i heart this dress

[previously on] white bdg skinny jeans
p.s. i bought these last fall, so they don't even know what summer is yet!
bdg jeans, cropped white jeans, urban outfitters pants, cream jeans, how to wear white pants, ootd, ways to wear, remix, pantzzzz

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

dotty, simple summer dresses, and big hair

may outfit5
dress: C/FAN (about)
sandals: target (exactly)
clutch: mark by avon, gifted (exactly)
bracelets: inpink, gifts



and my hair somehow ended up with super extra volume.  see above for fakish smile and below for reactionary face to hair situation.  oh, and if you like dresses, you still have some time to enter this giveaway and get yourself a new summer frock.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

dotty, crazy pants, and new bling

dash dot dotty, ootd, creative young professional, what to wear, to work, workfit, webster wedges, trench vest, urban outfitters pants, pajama pants, outfit ideas
pants: silence+noise
top: forever21
trench vest: forever21 (exactly)
wedges: the webster at target (exactly)
ring: c/o anjolee

creative: crazy pants+ a trench that lost its sleeves.
young: these crazy pants are a bit pajama-ey in both print and material.  the cut and cropped length makes them seem more like grownup pants though.  
professional: recently i've decided that if i add tall shoes and necklaces i can make anything look more grown up. even though this outfit has a lot of casual aspects, i really like the way it came together.



Friday, May 25, 2012

dotty, comfy shoes, and city blocks

spring outfit
dress: shabby apple (similar)
jacket: theory (similar)
scarf: forever21 (exactly)
shoes: tom's (exactly)

post-work window-shopping/city wandering

spring outfit

spring outfit

spring outfit


Thursday, May 24, 2012

dotty, stripes, and dressing up

stripes: h&m (similar)
jacket: thrifted
flats: j.crew (similar)
assorted necklaces: forever21+dottymade

this dress is really a wee bit too casual for my office, so i dressed it up with a jacket and added some distracting shiny things.  


[previously on] gray jacket

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

dotty, pearls, and funny shoes

spring outfit, dash dot dotty, rust dress, white jacket, ochre cardigan, joie dress, mustard cardigan, pearls, thrifted, ootd, i'm wearing this, yup
dress: joie
jacket: theory (similar)
pearls: thrifted
cardigan underneath: j.crew (exactly)
bag: banana republic
shoes: candie's (similar)

celebratory dinner+drinks for my latest registration exam success.  
it's official...i can arrange spaces in a logical fashion.  

spring outfit

spring outfit

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

dotty, dots, and stripes

stripes and dots, polka dot pencil skirt, green navy black, dark neutrals, pencil skirt with booties, tough-ish, ootd, creative young professional, michael kors leather jacket
stripes: j.crew
dots: thrifted (similar)
boots: target (similar)
belt: forever21
jacket: michael kors
bag: banana republic

creative: stripes and dots all up in each other business.  and since i have a wee bit of freedom in my office dress code, i can incorporate some edgier bits (suede boots, leather jackets, weird chain necklaces) without it being an issue.  
young: i think my four-year-old niece would approve of this shiny bow belt.  
professional: pencil skirt+crew neck sweater seems like a pretty safe work outfit formula.  

spring outfit

spring outfit

spring outfit

Monday, May 21, 2012

a giveaway, pretty dresses, and yes

hello, monday!
it's a good monday because the crew over at eShakti is offering somebunny one of their customizable dresses. i have one of their winter dresses in my closet and i can attest to the awesomeness of a special dress like this.  

the rules:

  • visit eShakti and pick out a pretty frock.  you should seriously consider the bow tie print one.
  • follow dash dot dotty somewhere, like bloglovin, pinterest, or google by clicking the "join this site" blue box over on the right.
  • follow eShakti on  facebook and pinterest.
  • live in the us or canada.  
  • finish all this before june rolls around and leave a comment below.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

dotty, buzzing, and neon

old navy dress, neon for work, dressed up, shirtdress, sandals, green and neon, pearls, wear to work, workfit, ootd, what to wear, creative young professional, dash dot dotty
dress: old navy (exactly)
sandals: lela rose for payless
assorted necklaces: all thrifted
bag: zara

this another outfit based on a friday poll.  
and i'm pretty excited about wearing dresses and sandals for the next few months.  
even if i have to drink hot cocoa all day at work to avoid shivering in my super over air-conditioned office.  





Thursday, May 17, 2012

dotty, last may, and some favorites

dot_belted    dot_amazingdot_white
dot_chi2    dot_BRUNCH    dot_museum

one of the big perks of keeping track of my outfits is that i get to see exactly what i was wearing last spring.  i'm liking all the white and necklaces.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

dotty, blue, and brunch

blue maxi dress, style blogs, baby phat, blazer with long dress, ootd, what to wear with, tuxedo blazer, print tank
long blue dress: baby phat, gift (exactly)
bird print tank: forever21
tiny tuxedo jacket: thrifted
cloggish sandals: target
necklace: target


spring outfit, dash dot dotty, blue maxi dress, bird print, tiny tuxedo blazer, ootd, dottybot

spring outfit

workday to weekend, tiny tuxedo jacket, remix, ootd, how to wear, one piece many ways, previously on

and a shadowy shot, just for kicks...
spring outfit

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

dotty, waitresses, and slippers

leopard loafers, creative young professional, what to wear to work, workfits, black and white, leopard shoes, sock bun, simple style, dash dot dotty, professional ootd, office attire
white shirt: new york and company (exactly)
black pants: target
leopard loafers that were hidden in yesterday's post: candie's (similar)
bag: zara

creative: there's little bits of personality in this basically plain look...leopard print shoes and a little bow clip attached to the placket of my shirt.
young: the boy thought these shoes were slippers.  i'm sticking with my story that since they have real soles and no fluff or bunny ears that they are meant for the out of doors.
professional: black pants, white shirt.  the uniform of waiters.  and middle school musicians.  

catch up with a whole bunch of other posts like this over here.

spring outfit, leopard loafers, creative young professional, what to wear to work, workfits, black and white, leopard shoes, sock bun, simple style, dash dot dotty, professional ootd, office attire

spring outfit, leopard loafers, creative young professional, what to wear to work, workfits, black and white, leopard shoes, sock bun, simple style, dash dot dotty, professional ootd, office attire

Monday, May 14, 2012

dotty, a new dress, and hidden shoes

spring outfit
dress: shabby apple, via giveaway over at sorren's (similar)
cardigan: j.crew (exactly)
necklace: forever21 
completely hidden leopard loafers: candie's 

for a city walk after an afternoon spent in the car returning from a work roadtrip

spring outfit

spring outfit

Friday, May 11, 2012

dotty, pollsters, and dots

spring outfit
dress: joie (similar)
scarf: forever21 (exactly)
jacket: theory (similar)
belt: forever21 (similar)
sandals: simply vera (exactly)

spring outfit

spring outfit

i polled.
you voted.
i wore the dress with dots.

i like this system.  

spring outfit