Monday, September 16, 2013

dotty, a typical day, and a bunch of grayscale photos of one

a day in the life
left: early morning shoe decisions
right: switching things up by getting a blueberry scone at starbucks.  the chocolate croissant is infinitely more yummy.

a day in the life
left: checking on some mullion caps on a crazytown skylight at a jobsite.
right: the inside of my hardhat.

a day in the life
left: samples on the table for comparison at a tile coordination meeting.
right: a little morning kesha on my drive back to the office.

a day in the life
left: half-eaten co-worker fun lunch (turkey burger with waldorf salad on wheat).
right: giant suburban rooftop frosty.

a day in the life
left: verifying column sizes on as-built drawings from the 80's.
right: organizing my site photos with some help from my homie.

a day in the life
left: post-work carwash for leroy (i work seven to four to avoid traffic).
right: slight wardrobe change to add a comfy scarf and suede ankle boots before heading out for the night.

a day in the life
left: the ridiculous strawberry-passion fruit daquiri i (very enthusiastically) ordered with our thai noodle dinner.
right: a gallery full of hipster designers for an architecture magazine exhibit opening.

a day in the life
left: an exhibit opening that involves flipping through a bunch of different architecture-related zines?  sign me up!
right: striped blankets and striped pajamas for some daily show catchup and sleepies.

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