Thursday, December 30, 2010

dash of a hat


chambray shirt: thrifted gap (similar
cardigan: old navy (similar)
tweed skirt: thrifted (similar)
boots: gift (exactly)
necklace: made this summer (similar)
shiny belt: old navy (similar and glittery)
hat: forever21 (exactly)

to the annual winter-break-high-school-friend-lunch.  i went with an outfit that i'm pretty sure i've worn before.  i really just wanted to wear this new hat.  i stopped to pick up a gift for the boy's sister and ended with a gift for my head.  if only this hat was warm. 




[previously on...] chambray shirt.  
apparently i wear this sucker everywhere.  even to the beach. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

dash of a roundup

it's retrospective time!

it was cold.  i wore skirts and tights anyway.  and my hair was super long.
still cold.  and i heart boots.

i went through a black phase.  and i got my hairs cut!  yay, bob!  well, actually the stylist wasn't named bob. 

i stopped wearing quite so much black. 

i was all over the place.  seriously, these photos are from chicago, seattle, las vegas, and los angeles. 

i was in one work.  so i swapped my jeans and boots for skirts and heels. 

i bought a slouchy dolman-sleeved jersey-thingy in california and then wore it all month.  

i finished up my summer jobby and my sister took my outfit photos for me.  

i returned to the midwest to attend my best friend's wedding (left photo) and start my penultimate semester of grad school. 

i got a dolman-sleeved jersey cocoon-cardigan that became the fall version of july's top.  and there was gray.  lots of gray.

i started the thirty for thirty challenge.  and i wore more gray.  and i went to school.  and the famous bloggy lace skirt joined my closet. 

i finished my thirty for thirty.  and i heart boots.  

for 2011 i'm making some closet resolutions:
christmas brought me this clay-colored dress and i thrifted a tomato red skirt that looks like this one yesterday, so i'm off to a good start.
florals, stripes, houndstooth, etc.  my sister started this one off by gifting me a houndstooth scarf.
the blogtastic lace skirt was surprisingly easy to remix and my tweed skirt was a thirty for thirty allstar, so this bodes well for the future.

Monday, December 27, 2010

dash of layers


big cardigan: old navy (similar)
stripey turtle: old navy (similar)
skinny jeans: forever21 (exactly)
boots: old navy
belt: thrifted (similar)

post-christmas out and about-ness.  



Thursday, December 23, 2010

dash of school

final review[wearing]
mustard jacket: brooklyn industries
striped tee underneath: gift from my mom (exactly)
big white scarf: souvenir from london (similar)
tweed skirt: thrifted
gray tights: target (similar)
awesome new boots: another gift from my awesome mother (exactly)

to our final studio review.  this actually happened on tuesday and so i've been recovering by sleeping and eating since then.  anyway, i worked with a partner (who also happens to be my grad school bestie), but she is not much for public appearances, so it's just me and the back of some heads pictured.  she said the day before that she was going to roll around in some charcoal.  and then she showed up in an all dark-gray outfit.  she's funny like that.

these photos are of me presenting our project with what appears to be a claw hand.  even with my odd hand gestures, the review went swimmingly.  and now, christmas!

final review

[previously on...] gray tights
i got two pairs of these gray tights two winters ago and they are somehow indestructible. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

thirty|the recap

thirty|day THIRTY

sweater dress as top: thrifted [30]
tweed skirt: thrifted [30]
boots: ebay [30] similar
lace tights: apt. 9 via kohl's similar
necklace: charlotte russe (it's much lighter than the anthro one) 

oh em gee!  i finished my thirty outfits!  i didn't include nearly enough wool to make it through the winter without hibernating.  actually, hibernating sounds rather nice after this semester.  maybe just a really long nap or two.  anyway, congrats to all the other remixers out there!

dash o winter

Thursday, December 16, 2010

thirty|day twenty-nine

cardigan: old navy [30]
ruffle top: kenar [30] similar
skinnies: forever21 [30] similar
brazilian riding boots: ebay [30]
scarf: forever21

[previously on...] brazilian riding boots

the first three are from last winter and the bare-knees/sunnies one is from LA this summer

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

thirty|day twenty-eight

that tweed skirt again: thrifted [30] similar
big shirt: thrifted [30] similar
big sweater: secondhand limited [30]
sweater tights: target 
gray boots: old navy [30]

these are totally pre-snow photos that i had forgotten about taking.  and it's really cold today, so badly-lit, kinda-fuzzy last-week photos it is!  this was totally one of those outfits that i really liked in person, but not in photographic form.  i wouldn't have thought to pair a big shirt and big sweater together, but the thirty for thirty remix brought the two into close closet proximity. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

thirty|day twenty-seven

wool tunic: thrifted [30] similar-ish
that lace skirt: target [30]
sweater tights: target
gray boots: old navy [30] similar

my last meeting of the semester with my studio professor, dinner with my semester partner (we've done four projects together, so it's getting kinda serious), and then working on drawings.  and then working on some more drawings.  

Monday, December 13, 2010

thirty|day twenty-six

gray sweater dress: thrifted [30]
leggings that are the same color: target
brazilian riding boots: ebay [30]
leathah: michael kors similar
scarf and hat: forever 21 similar
glittens: old navy 

and yeah, i got behind on posting my thirty, so this warm(ish) day where i am wearing a non-puffy coat is definitely not today.