Wednesday, September 25, 2013

dotty, standardization, and leather jacket season

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dress: rachel rachel roy (exactly)
jacket: michael michael kors (similar)
bag: bookhou
heels: target (exactly)
necklace: light in the box
sunnies: ray-ban (exactly)

[three things]
1. i think this dress was destined to be paired with a leather moto jacket.

2. i just posted about this dress last wednesday and it's definitely been on constant repeat since then.  i've been building up a collection of what i call "every week dresses".  they're all neutrals and work appropriate lengths, so it makes things much less frustrating on monday morning if there are five dresses hanging front and center just waiting to be worn.  so far the collection is this stripey dress, this marled knit dress, this gray&white dress, this black trapeze dress, and this crackle-print dress.  i thought this would make things kinda boring, but i think i might be finally stumbling across my style.  say what?  yeah, i said it.  so maybe i'll stop buying random pieces that i only keep for a few months before donating.  dude, that would be awesome!

3. having two shiny new bags to choose from is pretty fun.  this one is super good at carrying umbrellas, extra shoes, and all the snacks i need for a typical work day.

september outfit by dottybot, on Flickr

september outfit by dottybot, on Flickr

september outfit by dottybot, on Flickr

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