Thursday, April 30, 2015

dotty, easy peasy remixes, and concrete mixes

aprilness [wearing]
blazer: banana republic
dress: joie
crop top: forever21
boots: clarks

[three things]
1. When I bought this print crop top back in March (a very un-grownup purchase) I was hoping that it would work out to wear it over one of my black dresses to mix things up in my work wardrobe.  Aaaaand we have a winner!  The shoulder situation is a little weird, but it's nothing that my trusty black blazer can't hide.

2. This dress has been in my closet for four years now and is definitely an easy one to remix.  (I know, earth-shattering information here that it's easy to wear a simple black dress with a variety of jackets!)

3. Our condo has a giant concrete wall running through it and everyone that visits feels the need to get really close to it and touch it.  #architectfriendz


palm print

[previously on] black joie dress aprilness

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

recap: april

dash dot dotty
We're still spending most of our non-work time on housey projects, but it's finally slowing down a bit now that things are semi-settled.  We're picking up some furniture that has been in storage at my parents' house next weekend and we ordered the most beautiful lounge chair last week.  Eeep!  I feel like we've been waiting and scheming for years to live in the type of space that works with the aesthetic that we want.  You would not believe how excited I was about just having white walls.  Not beige.  Or cream.  But the brightest, whitest white.  It's soooo good.

aprilness [buying]
I have a few things on my worky-professionalish clothing list, but I couldn't manage to find quite the right pieces.  Who knew it would be so hard to find a white longer-length dress shirt that doesn't get super wrinkley?  Or gray skinny dress pants with pockets and the perfect amount of tweediness?  Don't worry though, I've got plenty of lunchtime shopping excursions on the docket for May!

1. old navy graphic boyfriend tee.  We drive a whole lot on I-94, so I thought it would be funny to have a specific tee shirt designated for these roadtrips.  Yeah, I know I just bought a shirt with a giant number seven on it a minute ago, but this is totally different!  It's pink!  And highway-themed!  And it was $4 via

2. nike tr4 sneakers.  I walk pretty much eeeerwhere now (my Fitbit likes me so much more!), so my grubby fluorescent orange sneakers weren't really cutting it.  I'm still not entirely convinced by this dress+sneakers trend, but I'm still going to be rocking it twice a day going to and from work.  $53 via Kohl's.

3. forever21 bar pendant and longline tassle necklace (not pictured).  Cheap thrills.  There's really no other explanation for these two layering-friendly necklaces.  $11.

4. banana republic larkin tote in rose blush.  I've had my eye on this bag for a few months and finally the discount codes, rewards points, and sales all aligned so that I could scoop it up and girl-ify all the black I've been wearing lately.  $72 via

April total: $140.
And, per usual, you should probably hop on over and see what Fran is up to this month.

Monday, April 27, 2015

dotty, blankets, and tassels

blanket time, forever21 tassel necklace, adia kibur mora bracelet, vicne gray jeans, dash dot dotty, wearing gray to work, babaton lenny [wearing]
blanket/cardigan: babaton 
top: club monaco
jeans: vince
shoes: vince camuto
bracelet: adia kibur
tassel necklace: forever21

[three things]
1. Look, a living room!  We've been slowly, but surely, getting things figured out around here.  We're adding some little bits of color and pattern to the space since our loud wall of yellow triangles is no longer part of the mix.  (Those triangles also took huge chunks of the plaster wall with them when they left!  Eeek!)

2. I bought this amazing blanket with arm slits back in February and it is just now making a blog appearance.  It's pretty popular when I wear it to work at my cold office.  #blanketenvy

3. Tassels!  This necklace has a great curtain tieback/graduation cap vibe.
  blanket time, forever21 tassel necklace, adia kibur mora bracelet, vicne gray jeans, dash dot dotty, wearing gray to work, babaton lenny

blanket time, forever21 tassel necklace, adia kibur mora bracelet, vicne gray jeans, dash dot dotty, wearing gray to work, babaton lenny

blanket time, forever21 longline tassel necklace

Saturday, April 18, 2015

weekend wishlist: uncommon goods

wishlist_uncommon goods
Since we moved in to our new place a few weeks ago, we've working non-stop to de-blue the space.  The seller had painted the whole place (even the closets and bathrooms!) a very sad shade of blue-gray that I have been calling "Eeyore Blue."  Many, many coats of primer later, our living room is finally super white and ready for us to start working on the design and decoration of the space, not just the sad wall color.  This is where Uncommon Goods comes in to help freshen up our home decor.

one: Micro-Green Kits.  We finally have some outdoor space, so I'm excited to see what we can actually grow on our fairly windy balcony.

two: The Bicycle Encyclopedic Print.  My beloved Linus is stored downstairs with all his bicycle cousins, but this print combines three of my favorite things: clean graphics, encyclopedias, and bicycles.

three: Geometric and Honeycomb Pillows.  Our collection of assorted couch pillows could really use an upgrade.  And obviously the answer is hexagons.

four: Vintage Camera Pillows.  Another acceptable answer to the pillow question is vintage cameras.

five: Photobotanicus Fern Statement Pillow.  Since my mister is a bit plant-obsessed, this ferny pillow would fit right in.

six: Rope Knot Doorstop - Twine Ball.  Since we live in a highrise, the corridor to the elevator is pressurized, so when we open the balcony door we create a serious wind tunnel.

seven: Astral Wall Hangings.  These are just so pretty and have a great mid-century cocktail hour vibe.

p.s. This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods, but I wholeheartedly support their mission to have a positive impact in the world and their workplace.  I am all for fair wages and gorgeous objects.

Friday, April 17, 2015

dotty, big sweaters, and comfy town

comfy day [wearing] 
sweater: banana republic (and on a seriously good sale right now)
pants: j.crew factory
big scarf: marc jacobs x target
clutch: marc jacobs x target
flats: justfab
sunnies: see eyewear

[three things]
1. Oh, hi!  It's been awhile, eh?  We've been busy bees getting all installed in our new house.  Mostly painting.  So much painting.

2. This sweater is five percent cashmere and perfectly slouchy and soft.  I pretty much wanted to wear it every day this week.

3. Friyay!  

comfy day

comfy day

comfy day