Tuesday, June 30, 2015

recap: junebug

dash dot dotty
Oh hiiii!  I was pretty much missing from the internet in June and I am a-okay with that.  It was huge month at work for all sorts of reasons and as I eluded to in one of the only things I posted this month, I was in a wardrobe rut.  I just needed a lil bit of shopping to get things back on track.  Really, just a big Navy Banana (that's oldnavygapbananarepublic) to make everything better.  Some black pants, a white jacket, and some patterned fun later I am feeling much better about the mix-and-match ability of my wardrobe.


recap_june2 [buying] 
1. old navy patterned soft pants in black diamond.  
Loungey, soft, and leave-the-house-able.  $18 via oldnavy.com

2. old navy relaxed slub knit tank.
Summer.  Yes.  $12 via oldnavy.com

3. banana republic biker blazer.
I've had to retire a few of my jackets I bought two-ish years ago when I discovered my love of tailored jackets to dress comfy clothes up for work.  $83 via bananarepublic.com

4. banana republic black soft pants.
That little dolphin hem sold me on these.  And they might just be getting me out of my work clothes rut.  Yay!  I might have my eye on the patterned version too. $36 via bananarepublic.com

5. 3.1 phillip lim orchid gold knot dress.
The boy's office has a giant fancy party every July, so I ordered these next two dresses in preparation.  This one I have dubbed the "Goldman Sach."  Har, har, har.  $78 via thredup.com (but I used a bunch of credits I had been hoarding.)

6. michael michael kors black ruched dress.
If I chicken out and don't wear that amazing gold dress, I'll probably show up in this safety net dress.  $28 via thredup.com (also purchased with credits.)

June total: $149.

Monday, June 29, 2015

dotty, triangles, and comfy pants

dotfit [wearing]
pants: old navy
top: vince
scarf: marc jacobs target collab
flats: justfab
clutch: marc jacobs target collab

[three things]
1. Weekend brunches are pretty amazing.  And brunches with our friends and their babies are just the bestest. #babieswhobrunch

2. I bought these as light lounge pants for the summer, but um...yeah, they've started leaving the house with me too.

3. If I wear a silk top with comfy pants do the two even each other out?




Monday, June 22, 2015

dotty, linen stripes, and casual days

linen tunic [wearing] 
tunic: old navy
jeans: vince
heels: charles by charles david
bag: banana republic

[three things]
1. Things have been a little quiet for the interwebs version of me because the work version of me has been super busy the last few weeks with all sorts of (v. boring) midwestern travel and (v. exciting) Neocon festivities.  So yeah, hello again!

2. I'm also in the middle of some sort of wardrobe identity crisis.  Ugh.  I've been shopping less the last few months (which is good!) but I've been very unfocused in what I have been buying.  And it's been mostly super casual pieces.  Which totally doesn't work with the fact that I need to be dressing more professional-ish for work.  You can see where this disconnect would cause some problems!  Having a closet full of comfy/casual pieces is great for the weekend, but not so much when Monday morning rolls around.

3. In other news, I am loving this light neutrals color palette of grays, whites, blushes, and tans.  Now I just need to figure out a version of this outfit for meetings days.
    linen tunic

linen tunic

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

dotty, tall day, and fun shoes

tall day [wearing]
dress: cos
wedges: target
bracelets: j.crew factory, forever21, fitbit
necklace: forever21

[three things]
1. So tall.  Like really tall today.  Like I had to adjust the standing height memory on my desk to accommodate my tallness.  #sittostandproblemz

2. My Fitbit bracelet has paint on it...it might be due for replacement.

3. Comfy dress, tall shoes, and a pile of bracelets.  I am ready for you this year, Summer.

tall day

tall day