Tuesday, September 24, 2013

dotty, pants day, and bright shoes

september outfit
tee: zara (similar)
pants: old navy (exactly)
flats: old navy (exactly)
necklace: light in the box
bag: phillip lim for target

creative: i've been all about neutrals lately, so all my novelty flats haven't been getting out much.  instead of just wearing gray or black flats, i went with these highlighter yellow ones to mix things up.  and if i drop a open highlighter on my shoe it won't leave a mark!  bonus!
young: these pants are cut like skinny jeans, but they have upgraded pockets to make them un-jean-like.  i really hope that this skinny dress pants trend sticks around for awhile, so i can stock up.
professional: this is a job-site day outfit, so it's a bit more casual since i will inevitably get really dusty.  i'm still following all the dress code rules, but this tee is definitely not conference-room-meeting material.

september outfit

september outfit

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