Thursday, September 12, 2013

dotty, curlz, and dusty pants

september outfit
jacket: zara (similar)
tee: zara (similar)
pants: theory (similar)
flats: zara (similar)
sunnies: rayban
bag: bookhouathome on etsy
necklaces: light in the box and ebay

[three things]
1. even though i've added a lot of zara pieces to my closet this summer, i think this is the most zara'd out i have been so far.
2. thank you to everyone that left me curly hair suggestions in the comments on this post last week!  i bought a gaggle of tiny versions of curly-specific products to try out.  since i just got my hair trimmed and it's relatively undamaged, i'm going to give my curls a chance and not straighten my hair for awhile.  i've been opting to staighten it most of the time lately since my curls can be very unpredictable.  i'm hoping to find a curly hair routine for short hair that results in awesome hair most of the time.  that's right...i'll settle for mostly since i know that my curls and humidity are not friends.
3. i bought yet another comfy gray tee while we were in vegas shopping at zara.  and then i wore it to work immediately.  it actually worked out really well since i had to climb up several construction ladders and crawl through some wooden rails, so i took off my jacket and managed to not damage any of my clothes.  i did get made fun of though for complaining that my pants got dusty.  #whyamialwaystheonlygirl

september outfit

september outfit

[previously on] striped zara jacket
september outfit

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