Thursday, January 31, 2013

recap: january

laterz, january
lots of pants.  winter, pencil skirt apathy, and a big project under construction at work have resulted in pants being the best option this month.

january outfitz, a month of outfits, winter ootd, dash dot dotty, dotty blog,

i finished two of the books i started last year: life of pi and the wind-up bird chronicle (seriously, this one didn't get interesting until about page 400) and started a few new ones.  i'm finally listening to extremely loud and incredibly close in the car per elena's suggestion.  

january reading

downton abbey (duh.)
and we saw zero dark thirty and silver linings playbook at the moooovies this month, so i definitely got my popcorn/sad movies quota filled. 

whoa hey, it was kinda a crazy month for shopping.  i was going to blame post-christmas sales, but really my shunning of pencil skirts is more to blame.

marc jacobs metallic clutch (neiman marcus x target christmas collection): $20.99.  it's a cute little shiny guy and i might have ordered a few more for future gifting. (worn in this post)

steve madden spike flats (nordstrom rack): $49.99.  they're tougher than i am and i have yet to impale myself with them. (worn in this post)

mossimo neon lime boyfriend cardigan (target): $13.98.  slouchy, bright, and bought to replace a black long cardigan that has seen better days. (worn in this post)

mossimo hot pink tweed moto jacket (target): $17.48.  i realized that i've been wearing jackets to work a whole lot lately, so the second time i saw this on the clearance rack at target i made my move. (worn in this post)

zara black pleated pants: $29.99.  they're a little high-waisted and a little audrey hepburn in sabrina.  they're totes my new favorite work pants. (worn in this post)

zara cutout dress: $49.99.  maybe it's because i've been going to too many yoga classes, but black stretchy fabric, criss-cross straps, and side cutouts seem very normal now.  oops.

zara shiny flat court shoes: $29.99.  some of my other fun flats need to be retired, so this is the next generation.  

forever21 leopard coat: $15.90.  basically a stuffed animal.  this is a totally silly and trendy purchase, but i'm not denying that.  

forever21 cutout back shirt: $14.90.  (see cutouts notes above.)

total: $243.81
p.s. i'm linking up with franishhhh's budgeting bloggers this month.  

a whole bunch of that lately.  i've leveled up from the beginner classes and am back to feeling super weak and wobbley.  i even went to my very first spin class with fancy real ryder bikes.  it was some odd combination of club-level loud music, burning quads, and yelling about hills and turning.  being able to pedal like crazy for 45 minutes straight seems like a big accomplishment for this formerly super out-of-shape girl though.  

nothing fun at work this month, so i got my illustrator-ness out by switching up my blog header.  click on through and check it out if you're a google reader.  

oberweiss chocolate milk.  seriously so delicious.  and our apartment has an old milk door, so i think it's appropriate that we get glass-bottled milk.  finding a milkman is our next logical step.  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

dotty, brightness, and hot pink

dash dot dotty, mossimo hot pink tweed motorcycle jacket, target style, hot pink and gray, cropped work pants, ootd, what to wear with, work outfits, business casual, yup
tweed jacket: mossimo (exactly)
shirt: joie (similar)
pants: mossimo (exactly)
boots: mossimo
bag: banana republic (similar)

last year we worked with a client contact that only wore hot pink and black. it took a few meetings to notice this and at first i thought it was pretty smart to pick a color combination and stick with it. my opinion kinda changed over time since i decided that she should have picked hot pink and gray.

dash dot dotty

and i'm linking up at the pleated poppy today. yay!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

dotty, neon, and neutrals

dash dot dotty, neon cardigan, creative young professional, ootd, work outfits, business casual, outfit blog, black pants outfits, what to wear with, boyfriend cardigan, zara pleated pants
cardigan: mossimo (exactly)
top: vince (exactly)
pants: zara (similar)
boots: mossimo 

creative: brown and black together looking all friendly-like.
young: neon!  oh, and i totally glittered the heels on these boots last winter.  
professional: these pants feel very grownup to me because of their high waist and inverted pleats.  and black dress pants always seem to business things up a bit.  

dash dot dotty

dash dot dotty, diy glitter heels, glitter paint on boots, black suede ankle boots, booooooots

dash dot dotty, neon cardigan, creative young professional, ootd, work outfits, business casual, outfit blog, black pants outfits, what to wear with, boyfriend cardigan, zara pleated pants

Monday, January 28, 2013

dotty, indoor shoes, and outdoor shoes

dot of stripes, bird-print shirt, pattern-mixing, coated jeans, wear to work, ootd, outfit blog, what to wear with, winter boots, suede wedges
bird shirt: zara (similar)
striped sweater: j.crew (similar)
coated pants: forever21 (similar)
suede wedges: target (exactly)
clutch: marc jacobs via target x neiman marcus (similar)


i've gotten a few questions about how i keep my feet warm in the winter given my midwestern existence. it's a pretty simple indoor shoes-outdoor shoes concept. since there's an abundance of salt/ice/snow/slush for a good chunk of the year, i've gotten used to changing my shoes a lot. i go from morning slippers to boots to work shoes to boots to barefeet (for yoga) to boots to slippers again. and some days there's a switch to steel-toes involved in the afternoon. anyway, hopefully these diagrams will make everything very clear.




rain boots: loeffler randall (exactly)
puffer: j.crew factory (similar)
gloves: best cashmere-lined christmas gift ever
infinity scarf: handmade
tote bag: buy love 

Friday, January 25, 2013

dotty, print pants, and a new uniform

dash dot dotty
tuxedo jacket: thrifted in the boy's section
galaxy shirt: reiss (sorta similar)
houndstooth pants: forever21 (similar)
yellow heels: bdg (shorter heel)
scarf: souvenir (similar)

somewhere along the way this fall i fell off the pencil skirt bandwagon.  i've still got a bajillion of them in my closet, but once it got cold, i lost interest in them.  some version of this skinny pants+comfy shirt+jacket+heels combination has been making an appearance much more often.  

dash dot dotty

reiss shirt

Thursday, January 24, 2013

dotty, tomato red, and that sweatshirt again

dash dot dotty, tomato red, sweatshirt outfits, what to wear with, mossimo print sweatshirt, pattern mixing, red and gray, theory dress pants, ootd, workwear blog, creative young professional, business casual
sweatshirt: mossimo (similar)
tank underneath: club monaco
pants: theory (exactly)
wedges: elie tahari (similar)
necklaces: forever21 and diy

the receptionist in my office pointed out my affinity for bright red-orange last week when i was wearing my new spikey flats and carrying my tomato bag.  since this is now apparently my color, i'm going stick with it for awhile.  and this sweatshirt that i picked up back in november is still getting a whole lot of wear since it's the brightest thing in my closet.   

dash dot dotty

dash dot dotty

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

dotty, desk days, and dude shirts

dash dot dotty, men's buttondown shirt, dude where's my shirt, big shirt, skinny pants, work outfits, ootd, creative young professional blog, dottybot
dude shirt: thrifted
jacket: h&m (similar)
coated pants: forever21 (similar)
boots: forever21 (similar)

creative: i'm wearing a men's shirt and disguising that fact by hiding the giant sleeves under my jacket.
young: these coated pants are definitely a bit trendy, especially paired with stiletto boots.
professional: jacket? neutral palette?  blue stripes?  when i know that it's just going to be me hanging out with my two giant monitors all day getting caught up on work, i definitely dress a bit more comfy than professional.  

dash dot dotty

falling inward

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

dotty, a boy, and an anniversary

one year ago today, my best friend got down on one knee (in slushy snow) and asked me to marry him.  and now, this spring we're going to make that happen.  so, happy engageaversary, mister.  here's to many more years of me convincing you that an assortment of snacks can count as dinner.  

2006: punching and crying

2007: out in vegas

2008: park bench time in london

2009: dunes at death valley

2010: ridiculous dude pose before a friend's wedding

2011: bed jumping in vegas on vacation

2012: cropped smiles at the art institute 

Monday, January 21, 2013

dotty, yukatas, and big sleeves

dash dot dotty, thrifted and altered, re-fashion, thrift style, what to wear with, cotton yukata, thrifted jacket, big sleeves, blue outfit, work outfit, print jacket, mossimo ankle pants, blue dress pants, ootd, outfit blog, wear to work
kimono jacket: thrifted and altered (kinda similar)
top: club monaco (similar)
pants: mossimo (exactly)
necklace and boots: forever21

i thrifted this cotton yukata in 2010 which seems to have been someone's souvenir from a trip to japan.*  then in 2012 i got around to hemming it to a jacket-like length.
and then finally, in 2013, it shows up on my blog.

dash dot dotty

dash dot dotty

*this is only weird if you consider that i did the same thing when i went to japan.  and that was seven years ago and it's still in it's packaging, yet i still thrifted someone else's souvenir yukata anyway.  so, now i have two.  

Friday, January 18, 2013

dotty, clashing, and some cuffs

dash dot dotty
jacket: c/o eshakti
sweatshirt: target (similar)
jeans: citizens of humanity (exactly)
wedges: target (exactly)

purple plus red equals maroon, right?  i am quite positive my mother would not approve of this color combination, but i thought it was about time these three saturated pieces hung out together.  

dash dot dotty

dash dot dotty

dash dot dotty

Thursday, January 17, 2013

dotty, some stripes, and a bunch of black

dash dot dotty, striped skirt, navy and black, stripes outfit, ootd, remix, ways to wear stripes
shirt: spense
skirt: the limited (similar)
necklace: forever21 (similar)
wedges: elie tahari (similar)
bag: banana republic (similar)

dash dot dotty

[previously on] black v-neck shirt
dash dot dotty, black shirt remix

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

dotty, magic shirts, and wool pants

dash dot dotty
shirt: forever21 (similar)
pants: j.crew (similar)
shoes: steve madden (exactly)
bag: zara (similar)
necklace: forever21

this shirt looks super casual un-tucked because it has a long back and is all flowy, but then bam!  it loses half its volume tucked in.  it's magic i tell you, magic!  

dash dot dotty

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

dotty, spikes, and houndstooth

dash dot dotty, houndstooth pants, joie shirt, theory blazer, work outfits, pants and blazer outfits, red spike steve madden flats, red and rust, accent colors, ootd, outfit blog, creative young professional
jacket: theory (exactly)
top: joie (exactly)
houndstooth pants: forever21 (similar)
red flats: steve madden (exactly)
necklace: forever21 (similar)

creative: red and rust in the same outfit.  i've used this color combination before, but with my new-found love of red accessories and my devotion of this rusty orangey-brown color, it was just a matter of time before it happened again.  
young: print pants and spiky shoes.  i like to think that these shoes make me look tough, but probably more like an angsty teenager.  
professional: my suit jacket is definitely making itself useful in my closet since i bought it last month.  

dash dot dotty

dash dot dotty

Monday, January 14, 2013

dotty, christmas coat, and neon

new coat!, dash dot dotty, vince leather-sleeve coat, brown leather, fancy christmas coat, brown and neon green, old navy dress, the high and the low, mix it up, work outfits
coat: vince (exactly)
dress: old navy (similar)
leopard tights: forever21 (similar)
wedges: elie tahari (similar)
clutch: h&m (similar)

this dress hasn't made an appearance since last may, but i figured it could hold its own against the best coat ever.  


new coat!

new coat!