Monday, February 28, 2011

dotty is so close to being done

confetti tie-neck blouse blue blog style dotty style dot layered j.crew winter tights boots piped blazer
confetti tie-neck blouse: thrifted
stripes: target (exactly)
blazer: gap
skirt: from a forever21 dress
sweater tights: target
boots: forever21 (similar)

this was totally inspired by anna of sparkplug minuet who also included a tie-neck blouse in her thirty.  
oh, and thrift stores are flooded with tie-neck numbers like this one.  most of them are white and involve some sort of mock-neck with buttons or lace, but seriously...every single secretary from the 80s is apparently clearing out her closet and there's a fairly good chance that this will not be the last one that comes home with me.  note to all my shirts that cannot tie into bows, you have been warned. 



Sunday, February 27, 2011

dash of weekend update

sequins: lauren conrad (exactly)
mustard: brooklyn industries
cranberry scarf: souvenir from london (similar)
desert boots: forever21 (similar)



boys blazer: thrifted (similar)
pinkness: queen esther (similar)
orangeness: self-knit (similar)
jeans: forever21
80s-style scrunched socks: target
desert boots: forever21 (exactly)

i am officially on spring break!  
i've got tons of thesis work, a little trip to chicago (that's right...same climatic zone), and cooking something involving artichokes planned. 
yup, it's party time.  



Friday, February 25, 2011

dash of fridayness

grandma sweater: thrifted (similar)
grandma blouse: thrifted
young person's belt: old navy (similar)
dress underneath: pins and needles
gray tights: kohl's
boots: chinese laundry (exactly)

early class, group meeting, and studio.  
all while enjoying the wonderful lightness of freshly layered hairs.
why did i wait so long to fix up my last (terrible) haircut?



and fbff is doing blog awards this week:
1. Creative Juices - most creative: vanessa of snappy and savvy
serious color done seriously well.

2. The Real Deal - authenticity: lyddie of chic on the cheap
i feel like i can hear her talking in her posts.  like an awesome voice-over.

3. Spark Notes - most helpful: danie of no guilt fashion
total sweetheart.  with matching mini-sweetheart daughter.

4. Newbie - best blogger less than a year old: alessandra of mood modes
remixing queen.  great taste in music.  has an an awesome varsity cardigan.  and she started her blog two months before i did.  

5. Can You Hear Me Now - most connected: liz of lizzypunch
amazing commenter.  also amazing at accessorizing. 

6. If I had a Hammer - best DIY: kiera of a pretty penny
she's been re-styling up a storm lately.

7. Tribe Leader - blogger who leads others and brings bloggers together: suze of miss vinyl ahoy
first blogger i met in real life.  therefore winner.  and her pattern mixing will knock your socks off.

8. Practically Perfect - most fashionable: shen of shen dove style
this girl is so elegant that i imagine that she has a british accent. 

9. Paint by Numbers - best beauty blogger: mae of there after-ish
she makes makeup tutorial videos.  and her makeup truly does look that good in person.

10. Renaissance Woman - best all-around blogger, fashion, beauty, lifestyle: hillary of by hillary
she's big into cupcakes.  and takes her photos in library stacks.  and has an adorable kitten.  and yeah, i heart her blog. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

dash of blue


top and jeans: forever21
coat: old navy (similar)
scarf: thrifted
flower: h&m
boots: forever21 (exactly)

to get my hairs cut, my oil changed, and then to studio.
and it wasn't actually warm enough to not wear my marshmallow coat. 



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dotty mixes patterns

print blouse: thrifted (similar)
skirt: thrifted and altered (similar)
belt: thrifted (similar)
boots: chinese laundry (exactly)
scarf: souvenir from london

class and studio.  and probably some snow drift scaling in order to get there. 
i can't seem to find shoes at thrift stores.  they always end up being my sister's size (half a size down from me).  but this means that she has an awesome collection of odd-colored heels. 



dash of bowties

fancyhelvetica condensed bold text and a bowtie

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dash of lightness

cardigan: j. crew
top: club monaco
lace skirt: target
sweater tights: target
boots: target (exactly)
necklace and ring: dotty-made (similar)
bracelet: thrifted in vegas

to studio for a very long time.
with a little bitty thesis meeting somewhere in the middle.  
but mostly just sitting in front of a giant mac screen attempting to learn after effects.
and wondering how i convinced my wimpy arms to spend several hours yesterday shoveling my driveway.  




Monday, February 21, 2011

dotty takes names

dress: joie (exactly)
blazer: gap (similar)
belt: thrifted in vegas (similar)
necklace: dotty made
tights: apt. 9 (similar)
boots: chinese laundry (exactly)

to meet with a professor, mail some packages, and to work on my thesis movie at studio.

and this tights+boots combination felt much cooler than me.



Sunday, February 20, 2011

dash of the weekend

boy's blazer: thrifted (similar)
sequin dress: lauren conrad
maroon tights: welovecolors
tall socks: target (similar)
boots: forever21 (similar)
scarf: forever21

this feels a little bit trendy to me, but i'm totally hearting the little stripe of maroon tights.  sometimes i feel a bit muppet-like when my legs are super saturated, so this is a great alternative. 



skirt: rescued from a forever21 dress (similar)
top: forever21
sweater tights: target
boots: target (exactly)
scarf: forever21
jacket: michael kors (almost exactly)

to catch up on the week while the weather outside becomes frightful. 
apparently i'm big into mustard-ochre-golden colored scarves lately.  



Saturday, February 19, 2011

dash of friday

that lace skirt: target
cardigan: old navy (similar)
top: forever21 (similar)
scarf: souvenir from london
sweater tights: target
boots: forever21 (exactly)

early morning class, lunch with my planner friend from undergrad, studio, pig roast, bad lecture on eco-conscious clothing (sorry folks, there will be no algae sweaters around here anytime soon)*



*i have nothing against the use of renewable materials, but i do have a problem with the heavy marketing of products as "green" or "ecological" without a transparent explanation of the energy-intensive processes used for production and distribution.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

dotty with jazzy knees


grandma sweater: thrifted
magenta tights: welovecolors (similar)
belt: thrifted
plaid skirt: thrifted and six inches chopped off (similar)
boots: target (exactly)
necklace: made by me (similar)

i've had these tights for several years and have finally figured out what to wear them with.  apparently, the answer was taupe boots and a plaid skirt.
or maybe that's the question--jeopardy style.  and the response is "what are bright magenta tights?" i bet watson wouldn't get that one right. it must be his lack of knees.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

dash of orange

sweater: old navy
jeans: forever21
belt: thrifted
boots: forever21
scarf: vintage, from my mom's collection

to class to talk about consumption.  

one time i mentioned to my mom that i wanted an orange scarf.
and then she gave me this one from her collection.



dash of numbers

impact text

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

dash of neutrals


boy's blazer: thrifted
stripes: gift (exactly)
that lace skirt: target
belt: a high school hold out (similar)
sweater tights: target
boots: forever21 (exactly)

to read a ridiculous amount about middle-class culture in kathmandu because i left the last seven chapters of the book until the day before the class, a meeting with my thesis advisors, and then i'll probably still be reading tonight. 

and yeah, this is a post-valentine's anti-saturation outfit. 




Monday, February 14, 2011

dash of valentine's day


red skirt: thrifted (similar)
pink tank: queen esther
cardigan: old navy (similar)
boots: chinese laundry
scarf and gray belt: forever21 (similar)

to studio for more thesis since i'm meeting with my advisors tomorrow.  but, i have candy hearts and am seriously holiday-themed in this outfit.  



and my living room branch is dressed up for valentine's day too.  
(the glitter hearts are from ikea)