Tuesday, November 30, 2010

dash of bubbles

all it takes is a long skirt, a needle, and some thread.for this little bubble. 

skirt criteria:
  • long enough to be halved in length
  • an elastic waistband to sew into
  • a light fabric that will work well doubled in thickness (the one i used was totally see-through un-bubbled)
basically, i just sewed the bottom hem of the skirt into the inside of the elastic waistband.  i pinned it first to make sure it was even and left some slack in the thread to make sure the stitching would not pull out when the elastic stretched. 

thirty|day seventeen

skirt: thrifted+bubbled [30]
dress as top: h&m [30]
maroon tights: welovecolors
sequin flats: simply vera [30]
big hat: h&m

i got this hat on one of my first trips to l.a. with the boy, but i could never wear it when i lived in vegas because it was always too warm for hats.  so i left it with my sister for my niece's costume box, then i saw it there this summer and reclaimed it.  the hat is back!

Monday, November 29, 2010

thirty|day sixteen

tweed skirt: thrifted [30]
chambray: thrifted [30] (similar)
cardigan: target [30]
blazer: gap [30]
gray tights: target
short boots: madden girl [30]
silver belt: old navy
pearl necklace: made by me

Friday, November 26, 2010

thirty|day fifteen

tweed skirt: thrifted [30]
tank: old navy [30]
cocoon cardigan: forever21 [30]
brown tights: target 
gray boots: old navy [30]
pretzeled belt: it's from high school.  apparently i bought huge belts back then.  no clue why.  

not shopping.  i hate crowds A LOT.  so, really just working on studio and a paper.

dash of wishes

japanese wish tree (july 2006) 
more photos here

Thursday, November 25, 2010

thirty|day fourteen

navy wrap dress: american apparel [30]
furry capelet: thrifted
gray tights: target
gray boots: old navy [30]

eating.  and then some more eating.  

dash of silverware

miriam text + food from lark in seattle

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

thirty|day thirteen

winter shorts: thrifted in the middle of the summer [30]
big brown sweater: secondhand the limited [30]
gray heather tights: simply vera
boots: ebayed brazilian riding boots [30]

structures seminar (with a video on domes and mid-morning popcorn!) and thesis proposal turning-in.  seventy-three pages all stapled!  and then IKEA with my mama.  i heart me some swedish flat-packed furniture. 

yeah, i'm wearing shorts+tights AGAIN.  can't stop.  won't stop.

dash of the am

gisha text + a serious exclamation point

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thirty|day twelve

jeggings: forever21 [30]
black top: target [30]
moto jacket: forever21 [30]
gray boots: old navy [30]

school.  all day. i was tired this morning, so i'm basically wearing all black.  i guess this is what happens when i include three solid black pieces in my thirty. 

dash of shorts

yeah, pantsless in the cold.  last winter this kinda became one of my things.  one of my good friends makes fun of me for "forgetting to put on pants again" whenever i do this. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

thirty|day eleven

shorts: thrifted [30]
cardigan: old navy [30]
tan slouchy top: forever21 [30]
gray boots: old navy [30]
light gray sweater tights: target
necklace: made by me last summer

to work on my thesis. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

seven presents

i've been clearing out my closets (in an attempt to turn that into a singular noun) and so instead of bagging up all of it, i thought i'd see if any bloggies would be interested in any of it.  so here's the deal:
  • everything is either a size small or extra-small.  i'm five foot five, so if that helps you gauge sizes from the pictures.
  • leave a comment on this post with the item you want and your email. 
  • i will be covering the cost of shipping, so this is only open to the contiguous forty-eight. (sorry, canada)


    Friday, November 19, 2010

    thirty|day ten

    shirtdress: h&m via savers [30]
    boots: brazilian riding boots [30]
    geometric tights: target (in indiana!  it's so different there!)
    skinny turquoise belt: thrifted
    big scarf: souvenir from las vegas
    sunnies: rayban

    class as usual.  except that i got a midterm grade that bothered me (one of those i-don't-give-a's-on-principle deals).  then a delightful evening with my couch.  

    dash of babysaurus

    this is my niece back when i first met her two years ago...before she walked or talked or said things like,
    short stack: what are you doing?
    me: reading blogs
    short stack: oh, i love blogs!  
    (she definitely had never used the word before and had no idea what it meant, but she loved them anyway)

    she's turning THREE next month!

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    thirty|day nine

    polka dot ruffles: old navy [30]
    purple ruffles: target [30]
    long cardigan: old navy [30]
    boots: brazilian riding boots [30]
    navy tights: kohl's

    to ruffle city.  not really, because that's not a real place.  but if it was, i'd be their mascot. 

    [previously on...] gray cardigan (these are all from last winter, hence the snowdrifts)

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    thirty|day eight

    gray sweater dress: thrifted [30]
    cream moto jacket: forever21 [30]
    gray boots: old navy [30]
    brown mustard scarf: forever21
    yellow mustard tights: american apparel
    tiny gray bow in my hair: forever21

    cooking and driving a turkey across town, drawing windows all afternoon, belated birthday dinner for my brother, and then back to the windows in the evening.  

    dash of singularity

    helvetica bold text + animal collective "summertime clothes" lyrics

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    thirty|day seven

    jeans: forever21 [30]
    chambray shirt: thrifted [30]
    cocoon sweater: forever21 [30]
    sequin flats: simply vera [30]
    pearly bauble necklace: made by me this summer when the boy said that i needed a hobby.  after two necklaces i decided that watching pingu with my niece was much more entertaining. 

    various classes and seminars and such.  then i took a long walk with one of my thesis friends and got some serious blisters.  at least they were caused by sequin shoes.  that makes them fancy.

    Monday, November 15, 2010

    thirty|day six

    jacket: h&m [30]
    big shirt: thrifted [30]
    knit skirt: forever21 [30]
    black tights: target
    glitter flats: simply vera [30]

    Friday, November 12, 2010

    thirty|day five

    wool smock: thrifted [30]
    jeans: forever21 [30]
    boots: ebayed [30]
    big scarf: souvenir for london
    leather jacket: michael by michael kors