Tuesday, March 31, 2015

recap: march

To a giant mortgage!  We closed on our little slice of giant windows this month after seeing it in early February and falling pretty hard for the idea of a corner unit in a highrise.  We also discovered that I'm apparently a fierce negotiator--it must be all those HGTV real estate shows that I've watched over the years!  You can see more little pieces of the place (and our refinished floors) over on my Instagram feed.

march [buying] 
1. Forever21 Frond Print Crop Top.  $14.90.  One day we're talking about going to Pitchfork again this Summer and the next thing I know I'm ordering a novelty-print crop top.  Who am I?  Anyway, it pairs quite well with a blazer over this dress for work.

2. Loft Windowpane Bi-Stretch Ankle Pants.  $47.70.  I was looking for some solid black ankle pants, but ended up liking these a lot more.  And then Adina showed up in my Instagram feed wearing them the same day that they showed up in my mail, so obviously I made the right decision on these.

3. Vince Coated Gray Jeans.  $0 after credits on ThredUp.  I've been ruthless with my closet cleanouts over the last year and I've been trading in my shopping mistakes for some upgrades to my basics on ThredUp.

4. Joie Black Silk Tunic-ish.  $37.73 after credits on ThredUp.  I think this was originally sold as a dress because it's in that length zone between strangely-long-shirt and slightly-too-short-dress.  I've decided it's a top and really like it with skinny pants of all sorts.  And it totally has voluminous sleeves that help me take my bat impression to the next level.

5. Charles by Charles David Cage Sandals.  $89.99 via Nordstrom Rack.  I went shopping at lunch and this happened.  I was looking for black pants and ended up with some fun shoes that won't be seasonally appropriate for quite awhile.

March total: $191.

And get nosy with a bunch of other blogger's budgets over yonder.


Friday, March 27, 2015

dotty, gray, and more gray

march [wearing]
cardigan: victoria's secret
scarf: target
tee: banana republic
jeans: vince
sneaks: new balance
sunnies: see

[three things]
1. Gray.

2. Gray.

3. And some more gray.  At least I'm not wearing all black like I have been on most weekdays to work.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

dotty, footie jammies, and the number seven

super cold [wearing]
jacket: banana republic
tee: banana republic
coat: j.crew factory
jodphur pants: j.crew factory
boots: gap
scarf: link collective via etsy

[three things]
1. I refer to this pants and boots combination as my British boy band setup because it looks very One Direction-ish.  Proof here. In real life there's enough texture difference between my boots and stretchy pants so they don't look like footy jammies.  I promise.

2. All this snow is gone now.  How awesome is that?

3. I told you last month when I wrote about buying this jacket and tee that they are besties, so here they are hanging out on the weekend.  #bff

super cold

super cold

super cold

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

dotty, still wearing mostly gray, and a scarf for some flair points

this scarf means business [wearing]
scarf: link collective on etsy
dress: cos
jacket: theory
tights: free press
boots: bcbgeneration
bag: marc by marc jacobs

[three things]
1. These wedge boots have been living at work for the last few months, so weekday lunching when there's no ice on the sidewalk is their only chance to get outside.  But thanks, shoesies, for making me look slightly dressed up when I've really just been wearing stretchy pants and multiple jackets/sweaters to work everyday.

2. It's amazing how much more grown-up a slightly longer hemline looks.  Even if this dress is a "heels only" situation, it's totally worth it.

3. Pretty scarves make even all-the-meetings days at work much, much better.

this scarf means business
this scarf means business

this scarf means business

this scarf means business

Sunday, March 8, 2015

recap: last march, and the one before that, and that, and that.

The benefit to taking photos of what you've been wearing for YEARS is that you get to see how much less wonky you dress now then you did back then.  Score.  So, let's go a little adventure with the Ghost of March Outfits Past.

recap_march 2014 2014
I still wear pretty much all these pieces on a regular basis.  I'm excited for it to warm up a smidge more so that brown coat in the far left photo can make some more appearances.

  recap_march 20132013
Let's talk about brightly-colored pants for a second.  I think those red ones might be the loudest pants I've ever owned.

  recap_march 20122012 
We lived right by Lake Michigan this year, so my photos were definitely the prettiest.  It was also warm really early that year, so that explains the exposed knees.

recap_march 2011 2011
Comfy grad student Dotty looked pretty cool.  And my gray game was strong even five years ago.