Tuesday, June 4, 2013

dotty, the tate modern, and backpacks

jacket: michael kors
big scarf: souvenir (similar)
shirt: h&m
dotted jeans: gap (exactly)
flats: cole haan
backpack: herschel (exactly)
sunnies: ray-ban

[three things]
1. i posed with that phone booth so that you can totally tell what country we were in!  it was an actual working telephone booth and a line started forming while the boy was taking these photos even though there were like a bunch of other red boxes close by.  i thought maybe somebody needed to use the phone, but nope, it was just other tourists wanting to take photos.
2. it was a little rainy on this particular day, so we ducked into the tate modern for a little bit.  the turbine hall is closed, so the museum wasn't very crowded.  i absolutely love art museums, so the crummy weather allowed for a whole bunch of museum-ing while we were abroad.  i got a history of art minor in undergrad mostly because i liked classes that involved field trips to museums.  so now i just have to organize my own field trips to museums!  but yeah, we may or may not have gone to NINE museums during the course of our trip.  
3. last time we went on a big trip i decided that i didn't want to look like a tourist, so i was super anti-backpack.  well, after dragging a heavy tote bag around for a couple weeks, i am now pro-backpack.  the weight of our camera, snacks, and water for the day adds up and so i bought the plainest and grayest backpack i could find before we left.  and since only tourists look up at buildings, i am screwed when it comes to looking like a local anyway!  




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