Thursday, June 13, 2013

dotty, red nails, new dresses

white jacket eraser
dress: cos
jacket: theory (exactly)
bag: j.crew (exactly)
wedges: elie tahari
necklace: forever21 (similar)

[three things]
1. new dress!  yay!  this knee-length sack definitely requires tall shoes and a belt, but i really like that it's longer than pretty much all of my other dresses.
2. this white jacket will never, ever see a construction site, but it's perfect for days in the office.  
3. i thought i was being super sassy with my punchy, bright red nails, but then i noticed at yoga that all three girls to my left also had red nails.  so yeah, apparently eeeeerbody is in on this.  

white jacket eraser

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white jacket eraser

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