Monday, June 10, 2013

dotty, a neutrals mashup, and double patterns

black+navy, patterned pants, uo pants, mixed neutrals, what to wear with, acne fran cardigan, chiffon cardigan
cardigan: acne (exactly)
pants: urban outfitters (similar)
bag: banana republic (similar)
flats: old navy (similar)
sunnies: ray-ban (exactly)

[three things]
1. this cardigan is black.  these pants are navy.  i thought about wearing all black with this cardigan, but throwing two patterned pieces together seemed like a better idea.
2. i'm definitely big into patterned pants these days.  i only have a few pairs of pants that work with steel-toed boots and i was getting pretty sick of wearing them all the time.  i totally fixed this last week by placing a gap pants order.  more patterns are on their way!
3. these pants totally feel like pajamas...and kinda look like them too when they're paired with slippers.  basically i was super duper comfy all day at work.



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