Monday, June 17, 2013

dotty, old circles, and problematic outfits

i was doing some file cleanup last week and found a bunch of outfits from april that never made it onto the bloggy mcblogerson.  since it's totes june now, i figured i would bunch them all together and post 'em since they were already cropped into circles anyway.  

previously unblogged: april
jacket: michael kors
hoodie: forever21 (visible back here in this post)
pants: zara
boots: target (exactly)
purse: target
sunnies: ray-ban

i wore this right before we left to prep for the wedding to test out how my honeymoon wardrobe fared for a day of walking.  walking for an hour to do some errands is a bit different than sightseeing for twelve, so these boots were not really cut out for the latter but i wore them a few times on the trip anyway.  

previously unblogged: april
jacket: brooklyn industries
tee: old navy (exactly)
patterned pants: urban outfitters (similar)
boots: forever21
purse: target

i wore this to work, but it was kinda a bit too scatter-brained for me.  crazy color combination AND patterned pajama-like pants AND tall shoes AND an easter egg purse.  this photo makes me want to wear this jacket again soon though.  

previously unblogged: april
cardigan: gap (exactly)
tee: vince (exactly)
pants: edme esyllte (similar)
flats: old navy
hat: forever21

i totes didn't even leave the house wearing this, but i wore some variation of this whenever i was at home after our radiators were turned off but before it was actually warm outside. 

previously unblogged: april
cardigan: forever21
tunicish dress: forever21
pants: j.crew factory (exactly)
scarf: forever21 (similar)
bag: forever21
flats: old navy

i thought this too short dress (seen as a dress in this old post) could work with pants, but the result was just a bit too bulky.  and i always feel awkward standing in the street for photos.  blerggh.  

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