Saturday, February 28, 2015

recap: february


Between a big work deadline and snowstorms, I pretty much hibernated for the entire month of January.  This month I bit the bullet, put on an extra scarf, and was actually social again.  Huzzah!  And the bonus was that I got to meet all our friend's babies that were born in January.  #allthebabies



banana republic "one-button soft blazer" The online reviews on this one are mixed because, well, the fabric isn't that soft and the shoulders are structured.  It probably should have been called something other than "soft."  Anyway, I have been looking for a longer blazer in a non-suit-ish fabric that's still structured, so this was just what I wanted.  I have tried on a whole bunch of drapey/flowy ones and they just end up looking too casual. $90 with promo codes.

babaton "lenny" blanket cardigan.  It's cold.  And this fancy scarf-like layer is making Winter a wee bit better. $75 on sale.

banana republic "7" graphic tee.  I totally ordered this online because I thought it would look good under that black blazer.  And it looks like any other slouchy gray tee does under a structured jacket.  (It's awesome.) $14 with promo codes.

February total: $179.
And check out other blogger budgets over on Franish's blog.

I've pretty much got two outfit options these days: stretchy pants+slouchy sweater (like in this outfit post) or fleece-lined tights+dress+warm layer (like in this outfit post).  #winterproblems

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