Tuesday, February 17, 2015

dotty, another black dress, and a big cardigan

january-ness [wearing]
coat: j.crew factory
dress: ann taylor via thredup (referral link for $10 off)
cardigan: men's ralph lauren
bag: marc by marc jacobs
tights: free press
boots: gap
necklace: forever21

[three things]
1. It's cold.  Like too cold to wear anything other than stretchy pants and five sweaters until it gets above freezing again.

2. So here's that dress again with a different cardigan from last week before it was going to be cold for ever and ever.  I think I might be to the point where I have a black work dress for every weekday and might just start rotating through them when it gets a wee bit warmer.

3. I think I might be finally over my buy-all-the-things phase.  In December 2011, I bought 25 pieces of clothing. Tweeeenty fiiiive.  That is far too many things.  Last year I bought 54 total pieces--which works out to less than five per month.  Along with some serious closet purging (and seven giant polkadot bags sent to ThredUp), I've got my closet down to a more manageable space situation.  I never really believed the claims that a smaller inventory would make getting dressed easier, but now I finally get it.  I'm fine with wearing the same twenty pieces for a whole season.  I kinda want to be that person that wears the same dress every Tuesday.  Just with different accessories and shoes.  Anywho, so if you've noticed that things have gotten a bit drab and sparse around here then maybe this helps explain things a bit.  #sorrynotsorry



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