Sunday, March 8, 2015

recap: last march, and the one before that, and that, and that.

The benefit to taking photos of what you've been wearing for YEARS is that you get to see how much less wonky you dress now then you did back then.  Score.  So, let's go a little adventure with the Ghost of March Outfits Past.

recap_march 2014 2014
I still wear pretty much all these pieces on a regular basis.  I'm excited for it to warm up a smidge more so that brown coat in the far left photo can make some more appearances.

  recap_march 20132013
Let's talk about brightly-colored pants for a second.  I think those red ones might be the loudest pants I've ever owned.

  recap_march 20122012 
We lived right by Lake Michigan this year, so my photos were definitely the prettiest.  It was also warm really early that year, so that explains the exposed knees.

recap_march 2011 2011
Comfy grad student Dotty looked pretty cool.  And my gray game was strong even five years ago.

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