Thursday, July 29, 2010

dotty wears pink

ruffled pinkness: forever21
knit skirt: thrifted
all sorts of brown ribbon: leftover from a hat re-banding
flats: target

work to pick paint colors + then cereal shopping

+ one month until the boy and i are reunited in a colder climate!


  1. Love the belt in this one, its perfect between the pink and tan. Great fit.

  2. I will not rest until we have photographed you and the short stack in matching outfits. We should get on this.

  3. I love this look! Those flats are darling :)

  4. Outfit #25 is how I imagine ballerinas dress on their days off. :) You should give us some how-to's on making accessories like this belt and the pin from the other day!

  5. I really like those flats. They fit this outfit quite nicely.