Tuesday, July 6, 2010

dotty starts it off

the marvelous kendi over at kendi everyday is doing another thirty challenge (30 outfits out of 30 items including shoes) and this time i'm joining in.  yay!  truthfully, my wardrobe this summer is rather small since i'm not at home, so picking thirty pieces to wear isn't all that challenging.  i'm still waffling on my last few, but i should have it figured out tomorrow.  

anyway, today we were in LA eating all sorts of delicious fancy pizza and butterscotch.  sadly, i had to leave the boy there (something or another about work) and drive back across the desert.


  1. Pizza and BUTTERSCOTCH? Hmmm...
    I like your hat. :)

  2. cute hat! i'm doing the 30 for 30 too, good luck to us!