Thursday, July 15, 2010

dotty on a thursday

blazer: theory
top: forever21
jeans: forever21
sandals: dexter

110 outside, 72 inside.  somehow with this combination a blazer and sandals made sense. 


  1. I'm really feelin' the casual blousiness of that top. Love your blog!

    - V from The Sweet Roads

  2. This outfit is so casually sexy. I mean, I don't know if sexy was what you were going for, but it just puts off a super-confident vibe, and thats always appealing. I love the color of that necklace, too. Haha-I feel like some obsessed fan or something, I just really really like this outfit! Definitely looking forward to seeing what else you put together.

    Lindsey Soup

  3. This is a lovely outfit, I have such a hard time finding blazers that fit my shape well. I am totally jealous :o)

    Toil & Trouble