Sunday, March 15, 2015

dotty, footie jammies, and the number seven

super cold [wearing]
jacket: banana republic
tee: banana republic
coat: j.crew factory
jodphur pants: j.crew factory
boots: gap
scarf: link collective via etsy

[three things]
1. I refer to this pants and boots combination as my British boy band setup because it looks very One Direction-ish.  Proof here. In real life there's enough texture difference between my boots and stretchy pants so they don't look like footy jammies.  I promise.

2. All this snow is gone now.  How awesome is that?

3. I told you last month when I wrote about buying this jacket and tee that they are besties, so here they are hanging out on the weekend.  #bff

super cold

super cold

super cold

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