Wednesday, October 9, 2013

dotty, wishing for musicals, and tiny hearts

jacket: zara (similar)
heart-print shirt: juicy couture (exactly)
pants: theory (similar)
flats: zara (similar)
bag: phillip lim for target

[three things]
1. i couldn't find this blouse in my size while i was shopping last weekend, so i went with one size up and i really like the combination of an oversized fit with the girly heart print.  

2. i rarely wear all black, but this is pretty darn close.  the shoes and body of the jacket are both dark gray, but really it's pretty much a blackout.  i used to have a problem with this because it seemed boring or something, but i'm totes okay with it now.  it's all pieces i like and there's some bits of personality thrown into the mix.

3. i was on-site yesterday and all of a sudden it was sweeping hour or something.  some guy walked through with a bag of sweeping compound and brooms appeared out of nowhere.  and then all the heavy-duty construction radios started playing elton john's "bennie and the jets".  one guy sweeping started singing along and i thought for a second that maybe i was in the middle of a musical that takes place at a construction site.  but then everybody just kept working and there was no choreographed dance number with brooms as i had hoped.  talk about disappointing!

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