Monday, October 28, 2013

dotty, fall hats, and non-coats

fall outfit
hat: h&m
jacket: mine (similar)
cardigan: forever21
blouse: juicy couture (exactly)
jeans: old navy (exactly)
shoes: tom's (exactly)

[three things]
1. fall hat!  this hat is pretty useless for actually keeping my head warm in the winter, but it's perfect for crisp fall weekends.

2. i keep an old pair of tom's in the car for spontaneous adventures and shmergencies (shoe emergencies).  they're not the best for wandering through the woods, but definitely better than wedge boots.  

3. instead of wearing a real coat just yet, a cardigan+light jacket has been working great lately, especially for chilly mornings.  i did bust out my christmas coat from last year the other night to pick up some sushi though.

fall outfit

fall outfit

heart print remix

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