Tuesday, October 29, 2013

dotty, weekend pants, and a big scarf

october outfit
vest: forever21 (similar)
scarf: souvenir
cardigan underneath: gap (exactly)
pantsish: j.crew factory (exactly)
flats: zara (similar)

[three things]
1. this scarf probably the biggest one in my closet and i sometimes forget how wonderfully blanket-like it is.   it's just one step away from a snuggie.

2. strechy pants and this green vest have become my uniform for comfy weeknight and weekend outfits.  these "knit pants" are borderline leggings, so a long top or layer is definitely necessary.

3. my curly hair is quite possibly the most inconsistent hair that there ever was.  i can use the exact combination of products two days in a row with the same weather and end up with two entirely different heads of curls.  bah!

october outfit

october outfit

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