Sunday, March 31, 2013

recap: march

bits of red, but mostly just neutral tones.  i like that neon cardigan a lot, but it's a pretty memorable piece so i don't wear it that often.  it seems silly that i only wore it once this month though!

oh the glory of it all by sean wilsey.  i gave up on this book a couple years halfway through it since it's kinda a brick of a memoir and the kid is a total punk.  i picked it back up as an audiobook to keep me company in the car and it's definitely making sitting in traffic a bit better. the kid is still a punk, but i'm over it.  
london travel books.  we're going across the pond in may, so i'm making lists of things that we didn't have time for when we went five years ago.  
the limpopo academy of private detection by alexander mccall smith.  my mom and i love this series of books.  they're easy reads and the characters in the corresponding tv series were exactly as i had pictured them.  

vince fine-gauge v-neck sweater: $76 via ebay. i wear my other vince thin sweater a ton and although this one isn't as soft, it's still pretty good. (seen here)
old navy colorblock cotton sweater: $16 via  old navy always tempts me with fun sweaters like this and then i read the description to find out that they're stupid acrylic/polyester/i'm-going-to-pill-after-you-wash-me-twice blends.  this one was cotton and is a perfect lightweightness for spring. or, well, i mean late winter layering.  
gap geometric print tee: $22 via  i managed to misplace my other triangle-print shirt at some point in the last year, so this was an easy decision.
j.crew factory ponte pants: $56.  i like leggings, but i'm a grownup, so this is how that works out.  at normal j.crew these are called "pixie pants" and have the zipper on the back instead of the side.  i actually like the side zipper better since it avoids any backwards pants confusion for me.  
madewell sweatshirt dress: $118 via  i resolved this month to buy some pieces specifically for the traveling that we'll be doing in may.  i still need to work on buying walking shoes, but this dress seems the perfect spring/summer frock. 
march total: $288.  i spent A LOT less in february, so this isn't too surprising.  

p.s. check out the budgeting bloggers linkup over at franish this month.  

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