Thursday, February 28, 2013

recap: february

red, jackets, wedges.  nothing new here.  i really liked that red skirt outfit and what i wore last weekend.  


the wordy shipmates: after sarah vowell's book about hawaii kept me company in the car a few months ago, i figured some puritan history could be good.
young house love: this book is just so pretty.  it's seriously one of the best diy idea compilation books i've seen.  
gone girl: i heard this was good, but i'm a hundred pages in and still not hooked.  


not much.  i was going to buy something awesome to celebrate getting a raise at work, but i haven't found the right thing yet. 

mossimo lavender crossbody purse: $12.48 at target.  and i totes bought a matching one for my sister.  (i wore it here.)

stella and dot graceful nomad necklace: $31.60 on ebay.  i'm trying to wear necklaces more, so a chunky new one has been helping with that.  (i wore it here.)
c9 by champion pants: $19.99 at target.  my yoga buddy wore these the other day and the pattern is super fun, so i picked them up as an extra pair of yoga pants to keep in the car for yoga emergencies (bad days at work when i either need a shavasana or a stiff drink and i opt for just bee lining it to yoga).  

february total: $64.07.  

(and check out franish's budgeting bloggers page to see how other ladies did this month.)

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  1. Yeah that cross body purse is great!! Love it. So long feb- so glad it's over :). And congrats on the raise!