Friday, March 29, 2013

dotty, jeans, and non-casual fridays

march outfit
coat: vince (similar)
scarf: forever21
sweatshirt: target
jeans: old navy (exactly)
flats: chinese laundry (similar)

[three things]
1. as you might already know, my office doesn't do casual fridays, so my jeans wearing is reserved for weekends and weeknight adventures.  it's lame sauce.  
2. i bought these jeans in a bit of a panic when i forgot about a work event at a baseball stadium and was wearing a dress that was not bleacher-friendly last summer.  anyway, the thicker denim was a good switch from the jeggings i had bought in the past.  
3. yay, weekend!  the boy is hosting a poker game this weekend, so i've got to come up with snack game plan.  assorted dips?  all orange things?  mini everything?  so many options!

march outfit

march outfit

march outfit

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p.s. it's the last day of 5D5W, so check out some casual friday looks over at whitney's blog.
march outfit

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