Thursday, November 11, 2010

thirty|day four

navy wrap dress: american apparel [30]
rrrrawr tank underneath: old navy [30]
gray boots: old navy [30]
light gray sweater tights: target
big turquoise scarf: souvenir from las vegas

structures lab, thesis meetings, grocery shopping, and then attempting to install window panels in my living room, but really just drilling a whole bunch of shallow holes in my ceiling.  we ate chocolate instead.  go team.  

[previously on...] gray boots!


  1. I love these light grey sweater tights! They're really wonderful paired with the sweater dress and boots.

  2. That's a pretty color combination!

  3. Don't you love how versatile gray boots are!

  4. How insane are those gray boots??

    Chocolate > Window Installation anyday.
    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  5. I love the pop of blue in the scarf!
    Those boots are amazing. :)

  6. Your gray boots rock. Love today's outfit with them, but all the rest of them, too!

  7. i never would have thought to mix purple with mint green/turquoise. awesome idea. imma try it soon :) love the combo!

    and look at you working those boots :)

  8. How gorgeous are you?! Thank you for stopping by on my blog and your lovely comments! I think those grey boots would have been totally handy today - it's raining buckets here!