Wednesday, November 10, 2010

thirty|day three

slouchy sweater: secondhand limited [30]
lace skirt: target [30]
gray boots: old navy [30]
brown tights: target
sunnies: thrifted in vegas
blue coat: old navy

it's my brother's twenty-second birthday today.  that's two twos!
i did a lot of exciting things when i was 22.  i lived in an empty apartment.  i worked at a terrible job.  i got bonuses.  i bought furniture with those bonuses, quit that job, got an awesome one, and fell for the best boy ever.  also, my mom sent me a card for that birthday with a photo of me in a ballet costume on it and the caption "a tutu for your two two".  and she sent me a blender.  so i also ate a lot more smoothies when i was 22 than when i was 21. 


  1. Cute outfit & I love the contrast of the skirt/classy look with the industial background! Lovely!

    I'm a fellow remixer & your newest follower!;)

  2. I love everything about this post :) That coat really POPS! Happy tutu bday to your bro!

  3. Sorry I dont know you, I found your blog through Kendi everyday. I love this outfit, the skirt, boots and the coat are my favorite parts.

  4. omg you're not 22? i thought you were even younger :) happy birthday to your brother!

    those boots are killer :)

  5. Great photos today. I love the way you styled that lace skirt.

  6. I tried on the lace skirt at J.Crew and did not love the fit or the price tag. Yours looks great!! Def going to check it out!

  7. That bright blue + chocolate brown is fantastical. Love it.
    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!