Monday, November 22, 2010

thirty|day eleven

shorts: thrifted [30]
cardigan: old navy [30]
tan slouchy top: forever21 [30]
gray boots: old navy [30]
light gray sweater tights: target
necklace: made by me last summer

to work on my thesis. 


  1. I love this outfit. It's so perfect in it's simplicity, I especially love the shorts, tights and boots! You're doing so great in this challenge!

  2. Wonderful mix of neutrals here! Loves.

  3. I saw those sweater tights at Target today and considered "forgetting" about the 30-for-30 shopping ban in order to get them. Now you're making me wish I hadn't followed the rules! :)

  4. Great outfit!! The colors you chose are great together. :)

  5. YAH FOR NUDES!! This is so mod and so comfy and your complexion and hair makes this a 110% beautiful remix! Love it!

  6. OK, since I've already told you how much I love all your outfits (and today is no different), here's something new to say: I love your hair color!

  7. browns and greys. i never thought they'd work together but you make it look anything but drab. love how your shirt drapes and your sweater too!

  8. oh...and now I tagged you for an award, which you can read all about on my outfit n.16 post. I really love your blog.