Monday, December 5, 2016

dotty, really tall boots, and really long cardigans

december outfit
dress: j.crew
cardigan: old navy
bag: everlane
boots: old navy
necklace: target

[three things]
1. Hello!  It's been a minute, eh?  If you want to catch up on the places I've walked and a bajillion photos of my baby, then those two things are very well documented over on the 'gram.

2. These extra-tall boots recently joined my closet as part of my new-coats-and-boots-make-winter-slightly-better plan.

3. This dress has been in my closet for years now (evidence!) and that makes me strangely proud that I might just be finally making better purchases.  There were way too many years when it seemed like I was continually cleaning tons of stuff out of my closet that just didn't work out.  I still have to move things along, but the quantity is waaaaay less.

december outfit
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