Monday, July 25, 2016

dotty, shoppies, and pants problems

july outfit
tunic: zara
pants: j.crew factory
shoes: vince camuto
bag: rebecca minkoff
necklace: maslo jewelry

[three things]
1. I was sorting through my work pants and I need to do some serious pant shopping.  Ugh.  Shopping for work pants has got to be one of my least favorite types of shoppies.  I might just wear dresses all the time if I didn't have to do site visits.

2. This tunic is from the Zara Woman line.  What am I?  A grownup or something?

3. I am super tempted to order this necklace's lighter colored cousin.  The only thing stopping me is that it's a rather distinctive/memorable necklace, so I probably don't need two versions of it.

july outfit

july outfit

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