Thursday, November 6, 2014

dotty, drinkies, and comfy pants

+snakeskin heels [wearing]
top: labworks for target
pants: wayf (sim.)
heels: merona
clutch: marc jacobs for target

[three things]
1. I can walk further in these heels than pretty much every other pair in my closet, so they get worn for all sorts of occasions.  (See below for four other times I've worn them.)

2. I wore this the other day when I had a casual-ish cocktail party after work and didn't feel like wearing a dress and tights.  It worked out perfectly and I was super comfy from my morning train ride to work all the way through my late night cab ride home.

3. I'm happening upon more and more of those magazine spread "work to cocktails" types of situations.  I always thought that this was a fictional thing and just a way to pass off a cocktail dress as workwear.  But I went to cocktail events three nights last week (two for work and one with friends) and now I believe that these types of outfits are actually necessary and practical.  I've become a cocktail hour monster!  Oh no!
   +snakeskin heels

[previously on] snakeskin heels +snakeskin heels

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