Tuesday, June 10, 2014

summer @work

now that it is FINALLY summertime, i've got some plans to mix up my summer work wardrobe. i haven't done a budget recap in a few months because um...nothing particularly interesting has joined my closet.  i've replaced a few things that have worn out and bought a few things that are really soft, but really nothing too exciting.  anyway, about those work clothes.  (in the summer.  when i really just want to be at the pool wearing a giant hat.)  let's talk about those for a second.

this white dress of mine is totes going to make this a possibility.

these pants of mine are definitely due for another appearance anyway.

stripes?  dots?  vaguely tribal-ish patterned skirts?  these all sound like great ideas.

i've attempted this before and is definitely the right time of year to give it another whirl.

image sources can be found via my pinterest board over here.

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