Friday, June 20, 2014

dotty, a big print, and tote time

june outfit
ikat shirtdress: banana republic (exactly)
tote bag: madewell (exactly)
flats: old navy (exactly)
necklace: h&m

[three things]
1. for some reason, standard shirt collars on shirtdresses really bother me.  since they are usually some sort of polyester blend they never seem to be in the right spot or just always look floppy.  so, shirtdresses with henley collars are definitely much more my style.

2. ikat print.  go big or go home.

3. let's talk for a second about this tote that eeeerbody and their brother has.  (okay, maybe not their brothers, but maybe a stylish sister or girl cousin.)  i get it now.  i can carry everything i could possibly ever need with me.  i should probably schedule weekly bag cleanouts to keep this under control.

june outfit

june outfit

june outfit

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