Thursday, May 1, 2014

dotty, spring grays, and southwestern loafers

april outfits
tee: old navy (exactly)
jeans: old navy (exactly)
leather: michael michael kors (similar)
flats: forever21 (exactly or colorful version)
bag: marc by marc jacobs (exactly)

[three things]
1. these heathered v-neck tees are some of my favorite staples, so this time i got one a size up to have it be a little bit more slouchy.

2. i wear these gray v's with pretty much everything...tucked into pencil skirts, untucked with jeans, with all sorts of other gray things, etc.

3. light gray jeans!  i'm not entirely sure yet how versatile these will be, but i caved and bought a cheap pair to test it out.  they are definitely helped me get out of my winter black+dark gray mode.

april outfits

april outfits

april outfits

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