Friday, May 30, 2014

dotty, gray jeans, and my day job

may outfits
sweater: joie (exactly)
jeans: old navy (exactly)
shoes: chinese laundry (exactly)
bag: marc by marc jacobs (exactly)
necklace: ebay'd (j.crew factory version)

[three things]
1. i've mentioned this in passing a few times over the last few months and my last couple closet cleanouts have reinforced this, but i am over wearing color.  it's a little weird because my job is pretty heavily focused on color combinations.  when i am not busy at night being a superhero or vampire, i design the interiors for educational buildings.  i spend a lot of time getting finishes and furniture to be the perfect combination of cheerful and identifiable without being distracting or busy.  lately i've been on a kick of using lime green/magenta/blood orange or fire engine red/light slightly-greenish blue.  yet i find myself wearing more and more gray tones.  i have a pretty serious case of "you can pull that off, but i would never wear it" when it comes to bright colors.  (that was me saying that awful phrase to a building, just FYI.)

2. i wore this last friday to early morning starbucks fun time and casual friday at work with no external meetings.  i'm definitely still a big fan of using pointy toes and a blingy necklace to dress up a seriously simple outfit.

3. how did i not have gray jeans until recently?  okay...yeah, more gray...see #1 above.

may outfits

may outfits

may outfits

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