Wednesday, February 12, 2014

valentine's day, a lil bit of red, and not much pink


here's the thing, i don't really wear pink. i think i have removed all pink from my closet with the exception of this scarf.  so, to get ready for valentine's day, i've been searching through my archives to find some ideas for dressing subtlely valentine's-ish.

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option one: red shoes.  these ones even have ridiculous gold spikes on the back.  they say "i'm festive, but i will cut you."

july outfits, red sweatshirt, pencil skirt, casual pencil
option two: casual red.  it's about time for this sweatshirt to make another appearance.  it's been out of rotation since i've been wearing more neutrals, but i love the metallic foil print.

option three: mix it up.  mixing together rusty orange, dusty rose, and red made this one of my favorite outfits of that season.

dash dot dotty
option four: statement piece with neutrals.  this cheery red is definitely super bright, but mixing it with neutrals makes it part of a team.

option five: contrasting colors.  how about red with goldenrod or purple instead of the usual pink&red combination?

and some valentine's adorableness from around the web:

jen posted an adorable crown tutorial for kiddos

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