Monday, February 3, 2014

dotty, flamingos, and layering problems

cardigan jacket: j.crew via thredup
crochet lace top: gift (similar)
pants: vince (exactly)
heels: target (exactly)
bag: philip lim for target
earrings: forever21

[three things]
1. this shirt+cardigan combination was way more itchy than i thought it would be.  i have a very, very low threshold for itchiness tolerance, so basically i wished i had worn a hoodie instead the whole time i was wearing this.  bah!

2. i always think of waitresses and middle school musicians when i wear plain black pants with a white top, but i'm starting to get over it a little bit.

3. yup, i am totes practicing my flamingo-standing in that photo up there.  it was the only photo that i wasn't making a grouchy face in though!  #fashionbloggerproblems


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