Thursday, December 27, 2012

dotty, back to work, and sweatsuits

dash dot dotty, pattern mixing, heart print, target red sweatshirt, j.crew wool sweatpants, gray suede zipper tassle booties, work outfits, red lipstick, workfits, ootd, to wear to work
hearts shirt: asos (similar)
foil sweatshirt: target (similar)
wool sweatpants: j.crew (similar)
leather tote: banana republic (similar)
booties: forever21 (super similar)

i'm lucky* enough to go back to work in the middle of a  long holiday weekend sandwich, but i am most definitely wearing my version of a sweatsuit to go into the office.  i just need to keep reminding myself how many vacation days i'll be getting in 2013 to make this worth it.  and how clean my desk is going to be to start out the new year.  

*sarcasm.  duh.

dash dot dotty
yup, i'm in our dining room again.  no matter how nice all the brick walls are, it is way too cold outside for that.  

dash dot dotty

dash dot dotty

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  1. Those. Pants.
    I'm lovin them like crazy!!!!