Monday, October 1, 2012

recap: september

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yup, september's official walked out the door, so i'm going to stick with the pattern i've got going and do a little recap.  

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wearing: a lot of jackets apparently.  i feel like just as i was figuring out how to dress for my frigid office in the summer it went and got chilly outside.  oh well, bring on the winter layers!

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buying: i picked up three pieces when we were in california (an investment dvf mustard dress seen here, a rusty colored joie top seen here and here, and a comfy club monaco summer dress seen here) and then didn't do any other clothes shopping other than an awesome stop at the workout clothes clearance rank at target for some new shorts and a hoodie made of some sort of space-age fabric that feels like clouds.  

spotting: somebody taking what appeared to be outfit photos on my street the other day.  i'm totally scared of strangers, so i didn't say anything just in case they were taking photos of the tree and not the girl wearing red jeans next to it.  (what are the chances?)  but yeah, if you take photos posing next to a tree in front of a questionable bridal shop, let me know.  the alley has much better lighting.  and we should be friends.  

reading: lois frankel's nice girls don't get the corner office and susan cain's quiet.  it seems way too grownup for me to be setting career goals, but i'm doing some research to figure a few things out before my yearly review.  (i'm a shy girl in a dude profession, so i need all the self-help i can get.)

watching: suits.  one of my co-workers is really into television and she's watching breaking bad (which i'm all caught up on) so that we can discuss both shows at length over kit kat bars and hot chocolate.  it's a fantastic plan.

ok, that's all from me.  here's to a great october! 

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