Wednesday, October 31, 2012

recap: october

october dash dot dotty recap
reading: water for elephants by sara gruen.  yeah, i know i'm about five years late on this one.  

watching: scandal. one of my co-workers recommended it and i'm totally hooked. it's like if west wing and law&order had a television baby.

buying: my purchases were all over the map this month...a tweed jacket, assorted tops from a stop at the j.crew factory store in indiana, steel-toed boots for work, an awesomely weird suzi chin dress, and an order of potential holiday party dresses.  i counted it up and we have four holiday soirees this year just for my job, so i'm going to need an arsenal of dresses that are festive and corporate-appropriate.  i've had a lot of trouble with this before because i don't want to wear something i normally wear to work, but can't go too crazy.  and i need that times four.  bah!  #firstworldproblems

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wearing: jackets, cardigans, scarves.  that's all pretty typical for me though.  mustard yellow, purple, and rusty-bricky brown seem to be the only colors i wore this month.  i've been spending more time in the field (meaning a construction site) so i'm on the hunt for pants that work with steel-toed boots.  skinny pants seem to be my best bet, but i always end up crazy dusty.  i was totally that kid that would always get marker all over their hands in art class, so i shouldn't be surprised by this.  

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