Wednesday, November 25, 2015

dotty, a quick hello, and gratuitous vacation photos

beach mix
[oh hi!]
*tap, tap* Is this still on?  It is?  Okay, great.
It's been awhile, eh?  The job monster swallowed me alive for the last few months and while we managed to throw an unprecedented amount of parties, I've been mostly focused on un-photogenic career-ish things.  (And finding the perfect ice bucket.)  As a result, I have been wearing a lot of simple, blacked out outfits.
But then, all of sudden, things got much, much sunnier and much, much warmer.  Because we finally took one of those vacation things.  Eeep!  And just like that, Bruce (our camera) re-appeared and I took a break from wearing the same three black pairs of pants on repeat.
So, if you're in a winter snowderland right now, then I apologize for the inundation of palm trees to follow.  I feel you though, we're headed to the mitten state for Thanksgiving this week...where we are guaranteed all-you-can-eat gloomy weather.  (And pie.  Lots of pie.)

cardigan: twelfth street by cynthia vincent
dress: madewell
flops: lc lauren conrad
sunnies: amazon

beach mix

beach mix

beach mix


Thursday, July 30, 2015

dotty, easy peasy, and summer outfits

dotfit [wearing]
dress: cos
heels: charles by charles david
bag: madewell
necklace: forever21

[three things]
1. I had a big bruise on my calf last week from a run-in with a very heavy suitcase of material samples and couldn't wear dresses.  Putting together pants outfits when it's hot out is way harder, but this bruise was seriously icky-looking and I didn't really want to explain that I'm not capable of getting myself to meetings without my luggage injuring me.  #grownupfail  #dressesfolife

2. In the past I've tended to belt this bag-like dress, but lately I've just been wearing heels with it and ignoring the shapelessness.

3. Whoa hey, August is almost here.  How did that happen?  #sneakybugger


[previously on] cos knit dress remix_cos

Monday, July 20, 2015

dotty, black pants, and stapling

dotfit [wearing]
jacket: banana republic
tank: old navy
pants: banana republic
flats: justfab
bag: madewell

[three things]
1. My next desk neighbor at work bought this same jacket last week.  This could get awkward.  Or just like a grownup twin day.

2. Comfy black dress pants are definitely the foundation of my whole work wardrobe.  And my weekend wardrobe too.  Funny how that works.

3. We spent our weekend Pitchfork-ing, so the transition back to desk life is extra tough.  Blergh.




Friday, July 10, 2015

dotty, a not so fancy dress, and sneaky cuffs

dotfit [wearing]
dress: suzi chin
necklace: h&m
heels: vince camuto
clutch: marc jacobs target collab
cuff: h&m

[three things] 
1. I was going through my fancy dresses to find something to wear to a fancy-ish work event and came across this amazing sack dress (with pockets!) from a few years ago.  (There's a blog post where it's hanging out with a vest back here.)  The advantage to being at my job for just a year is that I haven't used up my stash of fancy dresses for events yet!

2. I opted for buying a new necklace rather than trying to find the perfect dress in the week before the event.  Somehow that never works for me because I always have something very particular in mind.

3. And I even counted all my mingling and dancing steps by hiding my Fitbit under a giant bronze cuff.



Tuesday, July 7, 2015

dotty, whitewashed, and monochromisity

dotfit [wearing]
dress: rachel rachel roy
jacket: banana republic
heels: charles by charles david
bag: banana republic

creative: All white instead of my typical all black.  (Monochrome still wins though.)

young: This dress is a smidge short for work, but for a day with no big meetings it's fine.  As long as I stay away from spaghetti and paintball guns.

professional: This is definitely a more pretty than professional combination, but it's Summer and I found two off-white pieces in my closet that work well together!




Tuesday, June 30, 2015

recap: junebug

dash dot dotty
Oh hiiii!  I was pretty much missing from the internet in June and I am a-okay with that.  It was huge month at work for all sorts of reasons and as I eluded to in one of the only things I posted this month, I was in a wardrobe rut.  I just needed a lil bit of shopping to get things back on track.  Really, just a big Navy Banana (that's oldnavygapbananarepublic) to make everything better.  Some black pants, a white jacket, and some patterned fun later I am feeling much better about the mix-and-match ability of my wardrobe.


recap_june2 [buying] 
1. old navy patterned soft pants in black diamond.  
Loungey, soft, and leave-the-house-able.  $18 via

2. old navy relaxed slub knit tank.
Summer.  Yes.  $12 via

3. banana republic biker blazer.
I've had to retire a few of my jackets I bought two-ish years ago when I discovered my love of tailored jackets to dress comfy clothes up for work.  $83 via

4. banana republic black soft pants.
That little dolphin hem sold me on these.  And they might just be getting me out of my work clothes rut.  Yay!  I might have my eye on the patterned version too. $36 via

5. 3.1 phillip lim orchid gold knot dress.
The boy's office has a giant fancy party every July, so I ordered these next two dresses in preparation.  This one I have dubbed the "Goldman Sach."  Har, har, har.  $78 via (but I used a bunch of credits I had been hoarding.)

6. michael michael kors black ruched dress.
If I chicken out and don't wear that amazing gold dress, I'll probably show up in this safety net dress.  $28 via (also purchased with credits.)

June total: $149.