Saturday, February 28, 2015

recap: february


Between a big work deadline and snowstorms, I pretty much hibernated for the entire month of January.  This month I bit the bullet, put on an extra scarf, and was actually social again.  Huzzah!  And the bonus was that I got to meet all our friend's babies that were born in January.  #allthebabies



banana republic "one-button soft blazer" The online reviews on this one are mixed because, well, the fabric isn't that soft and the shoulders are structured.  It probably should have been called something other than "soft."  Anyway, I have been looking for a longer blazer in a non-suit-ish fabric that's still structured, so this was just what I wanted.  I have tried on a whole bunch of drapey/flowy ones and they just end up looking too casual. $90 with promo codes.

babaton "lenny" blanket cardigan.  It's cold.  And this fancy scarf-like layer is making Winter a wee bit better. $75 on sale.

banana republic "7" graphic tee.  I totally ordered this online because I thought it would look good under that black blazer.  And it looks like any other slouchy gray tee does under a structured jacket.  (It's awesome.) $14 with promo codes.

February total: $179.
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I've pretty much got two outfit options these days: stretchy pants+slouchy sweater (like in this outfit post) or fleece-lined tights+dress+warm layer (like in this outfit post).  #winterproblems

Thursday, February 26, 2015

spring wishlist: light neutrals


one, two, three, and four.

1. I've been spending a lot of time on light fixture selection at work and it's making me think more and more about how well-designed lighting can make a humongous difference in a space.  At home it might be time to upgrade a bit from the Ikea lighting department.  Sorry, Ortofta and Husinga, but it just ain't gonna happen.

2. Buying a tee with a giant number seven on it and successfully dressing it up for work with a blazer and heels has made me want some other graphic tee options.  Aaaaand I might have sent my middle niece this adorable tee that says "hello" on the front and "goodbye" on the back and gotten a little jealous that it only comes in toddler sizes.

3. I'm a big fan of Clinique face products and I've seen this contouring bronzer stick popping a bunch on the internets lately.  Has anyone tried it that was not paid to say it's great?  Like you legit like it?

4. Rose blush might be my new jam.  If only my daily commute didn't involve slush and public transit.  (The two mortal enemies of light pink leather.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

dotty, another black dress, and a big cardigan

january-ness [wearing]
coat: j.crew factory
dress: ann taylor via thredup (referral link for $10 off)
cardigan: men's ralph lauren
bag: marc by marc jacobs
tights: free press
boots: gap
necklace: forever21

[three things]
1. It's cold.  Like too cold to wear anything other than stretchy pants and five sweaters until it gets above freezing again.

2. So here's that dress again with a different cardigan from last week before it was going to be cold for ever and ever.  I think I might be to the point where I have a black work dress for every weekday and might just start rotating through them when it gets a wee bit warmer.

3. I think I might be finally over my buy-all-the-things phase.  In December 2011, I bought 25 pieces of clothing. Tweeeenty fiiiive.  That is far too many things.  Last year I bought 54 total pieces--which works out to less than five per month.  Along with some serious closet purging (and seven giant polkadot bags sent to ThredUp), I've got my closet down to a more manageable space situation.  I never really believed the claims that a smaller inventory would make getting dressed easier, but now I finally get it.  I'm fine with wearing the same twenty pieces for a whole season.  I kinda want to be that person that wears the same dress every Tuesday.  Just with different accessories and shoes.  Anywho, so if you've noticed that things have gotten a bit drab and sparse around here then maybe this helps explain things a bit.  #sorrynotsorry



Wednesday, February 4, 2015

dotty, the dark side, and little white speckles



dress: ann taylor via thredup
cardigan: acne studios
boots: stuart weitzman
necklaces: forever21

[three things]
1. These necklaces got hopelessly tangled by the end of the day.  How does that happen?  I was just in internal meetings all day!

2. I bought these boots the fall before last and they are definitely still going strong.  (Yay for leather!)  When it's not super snowy or icy, it's really nice to take a break from my snowboots.

3. I wore all black to work twice last week and I think it might be my new jam.  Ruh roh.  At least this dress has some white flecks!



Monday, February 2, 2015

Saturday, January 31, 2015

recap: january

laterz, january
A bunch this month.  I had my first BIG deadline this week since I started my new job last June.  I'm not good at dealing with grouchy people or working late, but I powered through it.  And the project will be so pretty when it's done in September!
recap_jan [shopping] 

Light gray cocoon coat from J.Crew Factory.  It's still winter and a new coat mid-season makes everything better. (posted here) $68 (on super duper clearance).

Jodphur Gigi pants from J.Crew Factory.  I already have the dotted version of these boot-friendly leggings-like pants and I've already worn these pants a bunch of times. (posted here)

Cos jacquard jumper dress.  Oh, gradients, you get me every time.  $51.

Loft marled shift dress (via ThredUp).  I sent in a cleanout bag in December, so I've been scrolling through the dresses category to use up my credit.  $27 (but not really since I used credit).

January total: $166.  

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