Tuesday, September 30, 2014

recap: september

august [wearing]
september black dresses

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Holy black dresses, Batman!  Sometimes I wonder if in five or ten years I'll pare my wardrobe down to ten awesome black dresses and just buy new shoes.  I'm not sure I could go without my grays though.

september purchases [buying]
just fab "quinna" flats: $16.  My collection of fun flats is definitely on the decline and these flats have a surprisingly well-padded footbed for the price.  And the straps are adorable.

j.crew "harper" scalloped flats: $96.  I've been waiting for these pretties to be included in a sale, so I jumped at 25% and ordered the most practical color.  They are quite pointy-toed and make a heel-like noise when you walk which makes them feel quite fancy.

victoria's secret strappy longline swimsuit top: $32.  We're going to the Left Coast next month and my random collection of Target clearance swimwear was looking a bit sad.  Now I'm just wondering why I didn't order the matching bottoms.

victoria's secret shawl-collar cardigan: $50.  The light gray version of this cardigan (seen here) is like wearing a socially-acceptable blanket, so the marled version was an obvious choice for my fall wardrobe this year.

september total: $194.
and get nosy with a bunch of other blogger's budgets over hurrrr.

september purchases
sheinside white boyfriend ponte blazer: currently $26.  (worn here and here)  I've been wanting to replace my white blazer that is looking a bit dingy, so I picked out this slouchy one for a collaboration with sheinside.

vince cropped sweater via thredup: priced at $47.  I had a bunch of credit that was going to expire and this with-tags sweater popped up in my saved searches just in time.  It's quite cropped and has a slight 90s/Clueless vibe, but the soft light grayness might be enough to make up for that.

shoemint loafers via thredup: priced at $40.  These pinch my toes.  And smell kinda funny.  We'll see if they work with tights or not.

Friday, September 26, 2014

dotty, shuttle launches, and weekendness

fall outfits [wearing]
jacket: michael michael kors
space shuttle sweatshirt: random japanese brand
jeans: joe's jeans
shoes: tom's
bag: marc by marc jacobs

[three things]
1. This awesome sweatshirt was too small for the boy, so it has joined Team Dotty.  I think that's what I'm going to call my closet from now on.

2. It's also really soft on the inside and I am a total sucker for brand new fleece fuzzies.

3. Did I mention the space shuttle launch depicted on this sweatshirt?  Okay, yyyyeah.  It's making me want to continue the trend by getting this hoodie with an astronaut panda on it.  Would that make my nieces and nephew think I was cool or the weirdest space nerd aunt ever?

fall outfits

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

dotty, black grids, and good days

fall outfits [wearing]
dress: Y.A.S.
leather jacket: michael michael kors
jacket underneath: thrifted
giant bag: madewell
boots: forever21

[three things]
1. I wore this last week to work when I wanted to look especially cool.  I had my first performance review, so I wanted that favorite-new-dress confidence boost.  It went really well, so I really had nothing to worry about.

2. Boots, y'all.  It's definitely been feeling autumnal around here.

3. I used to be so totally against wearing all black because it seemed so boring, but now it just makes so much sense.  Also with the lack of color in my closet, it definitely happens much more often.

fall outfits

fall outfits

fall outfits

Friday, September 19, 2014

dotty, tiny bits of red, and fair weather friends

grayscale august, sheinside white ponte blazer, gap suede loafers, old navy gray jeans, club monaco silk print top [wearing]
blazer: c/o sheinside (exactly)
tank: club monaco
jeans: old navy (exactly)
loafers: gap (exactly)
bag: marc by marc jacobs (exactly)

[three things]
1. oh look, i'm wearing some red!  okay, so it's only teeny tiny bits of red.

2. slouchy blazers are pretty awesome.

3. gray plus gray!  my sunny day loafers are out and about finally! (light gray suede and mud puddles aren't a good mix.)

grayscale august, sheinside white ponte blazer, gap suede loafers, old navy gray jeans, club monaco silk print top

grayscale august, sheinside white ponte blazer, gap suede loafers, old navy gray jeans, club monaco silk print top

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

dotty, abstract leopards, and geometric prints

septemberness [wearing] 
cardigan: twelfth street by cynthia vincent (similar)
dress: madewell (similar)
flats: old navy (exactly)
bag: marc by marc jacobs (exactly)

creative: patterns!  two of them!  by lunchtime i was good with this bold(ish) mix of patterns.  on the way to the train in the morning i was still a bit wary of it.  co-worker compliments always help with this sort of situation.
young: trendy southwest-print leather-sleeved cardigan.  yeah, that covers it.
professional: neutrals, black flats...ya know, the usual suspects.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

dotty, the pants hunt, and fall jackets

septemberness [wearing]
jacket: michael michael kors (exactly)
sweater: rebecca taylor (exactly)
pants: madewell (exactly)
flats: old navy (exactly)
bag: marc by marc jacobs (exactly)

[three things]
1. i bought another pair of black pants in my attempt to replace my old favorite zara ones.  i'm on the fence about hemming these to bring in the leg opening a little bit.  even without tailoring i'm totally sold on their pajama-like softness and slouchy cut.  it also helps that i ordered them a size up and they have an elastic waist on the back (very popular amongst the young, old, and pajama enthusiasts).

2. the first day that it was a lil bit chilly in the morning i knew right away that i was going to wear this sweater.  it's got a lot of work to bring its cost-per-wear into my range, so expect to see a lot of it this fall.

3. in an effort to be slightly nicer to my hair, it's been curly a lot lately.  i'm not sure how i still haven't figured out the right combination of products after all these years, but i'm definitely getting closer.  at least i don't have my high school crispy curls anymore.