Friday, February 3, 2012

dotty, rambling, and the perfect pants

pants!: j.crew "hutton" (exactly)
tee: american apparel (exactly)
heels: urban outfitters (exactly)
whistle necklace: forever21 (exactly)

when i worked before grad school, i had some serious issues with dress pants.  i kept buying pairs that didn't look very good on me because i felt some sort of obligation to wear dress pants to work.  when i moved, i donated all those pants as some sort of pledge to find something better.  i started wearing skinny cropped dress pants, which work wonderfully in the summer and in more casual settings.  however, since i started with a new firm this month, a pretty strict dress code ("business casual" minus anything casual, so really just "businessy business") put me back in the market for real deal dress pants.  i've tried on what seems like a bajillion pairs at all sorts of price points.  i was adamant that this time i wouldn't settle for mediocre.  and then, last weekend, after eating some banana brioche french toast (that's a really important part of this story) we stopped into our neighborhood j.crew (it's five blocks away).  i casually flipped through the sale racks and found a seriously marked down pair of black wool pants.  i only tried them on because i wanted to see how ridiculous a rust/green leopard print dress would look on me (terrible, by the way).  and then, BAM.  perfect pants.  how had i managed to not try on this style before?  anyway, within fifteen minutes of entering the store, i walked out with new pants and a giant smile.  and now i can dress like grownup for work without having to wear ill-fitting pants.  okay, that was a long story just to tell you that i bought black pants.  but really, I BOUGHT PANTS!  that's how excited i am.  

anyway, have a great weekend, y'all!  i hope you all your (pants) dreams come true.  




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