Tuesday, February 7, 2012

dotty, neutrals, and a tiny blazer

dash dot dotty, ootd, outfit blog, what to wear to work, creative young professional, business casual style, neutrals, thrifted blazer, black silk dress, missoni heels, black and brown, mixed neutrals
dress: joie (similar)
blazer: thrifted
tights: forever21 (similar)
heels: missoni for target
bracelets: inpink, gifted, thrifted

this is yet another blazer thrifted from the tiny people section.  i'm so excited about it that i'm standing on one foot.  

since it's tuesday already, let's get down to business.  

creative: i stacked a bunch of bracelets to add a little bling.
young: this is a child's jacket.  i don't think it gets any younger than wearing clothes intended for eight-year-olds.
professional: welcome to neutral city.  i'm a frequent visitor.

arm party!, bracelet stack, outfit blog, dash dot dotty, white and silver bracelets, baubles, stacked jewelry


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