Thursday, October 6, 2011

dotty buttons down

gray wool: j.crew 
stripes: thrifted men's shirt (similar)
jeans: j.crew
rainboots: loeffler randall (exactly)
whistle necklace: forever21 (exactly)

you know the part of the sad montage in movies when the sad shmuck is walking down the street and gets completely drenched by a car that drives through a big puddle too quickly?  yup, that was me when i wore this last week, except i wasn't sad (i was carrying a bag of freshly-purchased imported cheeses) and there was no soundtrack.  anyway, these boots are definitely waterproof and riding home on the train in wet jeans is definitely terrible.  



[previously on] thrifted men's blue striped buttondownn
the boy says that this shirt looks very "grad student" which makes sense, since it was purchased and worn a ton when i was, in fact, a grad student. this one set me back about three dollars and took about three minutes to locate at my local thrift.  i usually wear it with a cardigan to disguise the fact that it is definitely not my size.  the sleeves totes give it away.  

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