Thursday, October 27, 2011

dotty, belted

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blazer: thrifted (similar)
dress underneath: daryl k-189
scarf: forever21 (similar)
belt: thrifted (similar)
tights: simply vera
boots: loeffler randall (exactly)
headband: forever21 (exactly)

this combination of dress and scarf seemed familiar because i've totally done it before.  since it's been nine months since that post i am totally okay with the similarities here.  
and i've never tried this jacket belted before.  so that's something different!

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[previously on] boy's blazer
i wear this blazer so much that it already has had a remix post!  i have a hard time buying blazers because i have the shoulders of a eight-year-old boy.  and so i thrift blazers made for eight-year-old boys.  my little brother finds this hilarious.  i'm going with genius.  and if he was eight i would steal all his blazers.  if only i had figured this out when i was twelve!  

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